Horoscope for 20 November 2017



Horoscope for 20 Nov 2017 Aries. Communication with the mighty of this world will be extremely successful, prompting a new diplomatic channels will raise the prestige of the Aries and admit him into the circle of people of the highest flight. You should maintain his interest. You should agree to any terms and suggestions, but it does not give the initiative in their Affairs.

Horoscope for 20 Nov 2017 Taurus. Overall, the day will develop favorably, however, the parents of  Taurus it should be remembered that the development of your children now will be somewhat slow. Don't worry - Taurus yet make up his own! The main thing is to help them not to feel inferior to their peers. So by all means increase the self-esteem of their children, maintain their faith in their own strength.

Horoscope for 20 Nov 2017 Gemini. In love, you are even able to reckless, if only to achieve .location someone you love. Most likely during this period you will have a lot of novels, often frivolous. You windy, as all the representatives of the element of Air, so that it is not necessary to take serious decisions.

Horoscope for 20 Nov 2017 Cancer. Not excluded some digestive problems, exacerbation of gastritis. Forget about fatty foods, flavored seasonings. It is better to switch to boiled fish and rice.

Horoscope for 20 Nov 2017 Leo. Today Leo can easily perform all the tasks by the required date. Many will show organizational skills, a rare persuasiveness and persistence. Marriage will be stronger disappear causes that prevent your happiness. Try to reach the desired agreements and to bring to their work reliable and conscientious people.

Horoscope for 20 Nov 2017 Virgo. Trends that will contribute to the development of the virgin rationalist tendency to think of all the things from the point of view of their value. In the best case you will benefit from any relationship and any cash assets. Do not waste everything that is possible, because of inadequate assessment of reality.

Horoscope for 20 Nov 2017 Libra. Under the influence of Venus can increase sexual attraction to the partner. If you feel a strong craving for emotional communication, you should not resist this influence of Venus will be stronger.

Horoscope for 20 Nov 2017 Scorpio. In private life this day will bring many changes relating to property and housing. Possible moving into a new house, purchase an apartment or Villa. The stars advise family people to improve your life.

Horoscope for 20 Nov 2017 Sagittarius. Adverse day, because it verifies the truth of the intentions and plans. This is a test of fortitude, honesty, patience, ability to compromise. Your life would have been much more successful if you keep a low profile and focused their attention on the most important. Taking into account this, you quickly reach a positive result.

Horoscope for 20 Nov 2017 Capricom. You will find it hard to save money, although you will be in great need of a stable source of income and need to create an emergency reserve. Do not be tempted to spend money right and left, when it comes to achieving your dreams.

Horoscope for 20 Nov 2017 Aquarius. Probably the General decline of vitality, which is not excluded various diseases. Will have to take care of yourself, because your immune system will begin to affect the autumn avitaminosis. Need to stock up on vitamins.

Horoscope for 20 Nov 2017 Pisces. Gambling is disappointing Pisces for enrichment. They can lose such a significant amount that you have to abandon the usual lifestyle. Do not expect quick money. Invest the incoming capital in education, acquire property.

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