Horoscope for 16 may 2017



Horoscope for 16 may 2017 Aries. Unfortunately, a dangerous time for health. Probable injuries. In any case, no trips! In this decade, even small departures with risk. Cases of home and country, better to postpone, because you will be disappointed.

Horoscope for 16 may 2017 Taurus. The only thing that can make you jittery, this condition. Of course, if necessary consult doctors, but in addition very effective can be the treatment of folk remedies, methods of bioenergy.

Horoscope for 16 may 2017 Gemini. You are very curious and can easily get involved in any interesting event. Today, material goods are of little value to the Gemini, and they will live one day. You need to remember that in your life there would be times when you will miss money.

Horoscope for 16 may 2017 Cancer. This day symbolizes the temptation. Many will be tempted to use blind luck playing the stock market or in a casino. Probably a violation of the rule of law. In gambling it is important to stop in time, otherwise you will have to get into debt. Be careful on the roads, do not tempt fate.

Horoscope for Leo may 16, 2017. This day is favorable for those engaged in intellectual work, publishing, teaching or lecturing activities, works guides. All of them waiting for long-term success and popularity. Try to show their best achievements and original thinking - and you will be in demand for a long time.

Horoscope for may 16, 2017 Virgo. The day has to communicate. Virgo can find himself comrades and wherever they may be, will be "soul society". We should not blindly give in to any random impulse, just to attract attention to himself.

Horoscope for 16 may 2017 Libra. It is not excluded that today Libra will feel the negative impact of another's will. Many will find it difficult to concentrate and to solve even the most simple tasks. Do not be nervous in vain, rely on the help and common sense ones. Beginners better to motorists to switch to public transport. Strictly forbidden divination, the appeal to magic, hypnosis.

Horoscope for 16 may 2017 Scorpio. This day is favored Hobbies, active games with children, however, relations between spouses are added stress. Note their activity and enterprise in a peaceful way, avoid conflicts and claims to the partner.

Horoscope for 16 may 2017 Sagittarius. From the beginning of the day you can be busy with family. Love and harmony into your home. Spend more time friends. Get creative, children, and through them will come your popularity.

Horoscope for 16 may 2017 Capricom. Likely a secret romantic meeting - Capricom can pluck the forbidden fruit. About your secret meetings no one will know. Don't try to hide their feelings and relationships - above you hangs the threat of parental or spousal wrath.

Horoscope for 16 may 2017 Aquarius. For many, today will be characterized by unstable energy, slow recoverability of the body after illness, the dependency of the physical condition from the time of year. The most vulnerable organ is the kidney. Restore normal day. Pay attention to nutrition, if you have problems with the kidneys, reduce the amount of salty food, avoid drinking alcohol. Consult your doctor about taking diuretics.

Horoscope for 16 may 2017 Pisces. Preventive measures for health benefit especially for those who suffer from rheumatism and pain in the hips. You will be very useful special complex of physical exercises, swimming pool. The most favorable physical exercise in the fresh air.

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