Horoscope for may 1 2017



Horoscope for may 1 2017 Aries. The position of the planets for you leaves much to be desired. This position is difficult, but not hopeless. To avoid unnecessary upsets, it is better to organize yourself the opportunity of a secluded holiday surrounded by nature. However, privacy should not turn into complete isolation and loneliness; it would be good to do it periodically, as the situation is favourable for friendly relations, to strengthen old ties. In addition, the advice and assistance of friends now you will be very useful.

Horoscope for Taurus may 1, 2017. It is likely that the relations with relatives and family members will become stronger, their success will delight you. Especially successful will be the life of your children: they will have solid ground under his feet, will make a serious break in study or establish your career, find your pair and possibly better offspring. If you have enemies, enemies that prevent you live, you can Taurus down in the near future they will not hurt you.

Horoscope for may 1, 2017 Gemini. Today you are charming and communicative, enjoy their family and social life and dedicate your free time to what interests you. Success comes to those who believe in their beautiful dreams, but if you are not picky in terms of Dating, it can harm his reputation.

Horoscope for Cancer on may 1, 2017. As for the health, in the second half of the year, it may "disappoint". Starting in may 2017, be especially attentive to the condition of their body. Plan a stay in a sanatorium.

Horoscope for Leo may 1, 2017. The Leo may feel unable to control events, so it is better to do something familiar and less important. A good time to resolve family issues, but in the evening the likely difficulties in communication or failure of equipment. If you feel indecision or unwillingness to undertake what was planned, trust intuition and postpone important things for later.

Horoscope for may 1 2017 Virgo. This day symbolizes a "proprietary" attitude to life. This means that some Virgo will seek single-handedly to distribute benefits and use people to their advantage. Free of charge using people, you can become an energy debtor, not to mention the fact, that will have a material respect. Think about it.

Horoscope for may 1 2017 Libra. The unexpected news forced to reconsider its plans. Acquiescence or indulgence will lead to trouble. Do not get carried away with attractive offers, avoid casual Dating, do not allow the Wildcats. Use your self-control.

Horoscope for may 1 2017 Sagittarius. In the beginning of the month can continue the destructive trends of April 2017, but will have a real opportunity to cope with their problems. You will be able to avoid trouble thanks to the mutual understanding of the arrangements and the choice of the new strategy.

Horoscope for may 1 2017 Scorpio. The position of the planets will awaken in Scorpio sense of justice, ambition, sincerity and great capacity for intellectual activity. The worst enemy of Scorpio can be their language as hasty and straightforward question can one moment ruin what was created during the previous months of the year.

Horoscope for may 1 2017 Capricom. The position of the planets can deprive Capricom reality perception. A chance of illusion of superiority over the other, the concern for external well-being, pumping effort and money on empty ideological speeches and demonstrations. High standards are good, but your overwhelming desire for perfection can cost you cost. You will lose a lot of energy because of its ambition.

Horoscope for may 1 2017 Aquarius. In the beginning of the month Aquarius, you may have to live in two houses and it will be extra work. Your plans in relation to of comfort and the expansion of living space can frankly not coincide with reality. Do your business, consistently doing one thing after another. Can you pre-plan your day.

Horoscope for may 1 2017 Pisces. Due to the negative impact of stars is not excluded disagreements with parents, or concern for their health. Difficult develop contacts with male colleagues, relatives, friends, partners. You useful all types of relaxation. Relieve stress will help warm bath and an infusion of herbs Leonurus.

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