Horoscope for August 9  2017



Horoscope for August 9  2017 Aries. Many Aries will travel to visit associated with the interests of their partners in business, and here they need to be more careful with the finances because possible losses on their fault. And do not overestimate your capabilities and the capabilities of their companions, otherwise there is a difficult financial situation.

Horoscope for August 9, 2017 Taurus. Today probable injuries for both household and industrial, and transportation. If in the first case, under the threat of a mistress, inventing recipes of signature dishes, the second - children and the elderly. You need to protect yourself from injury. Be careful on the road. Observe safety precautions in the workplace.

Horoscope for August 9, 2017 Gemini. Will have high costs. And probably unplanned. You suddenly want something nice, big, expensive, and overcome temptation you will not be able to... indulge in innocent fun Does not hurt that the best opportunities always are folded at the most inopportune moment?!

Horoscope for August 9, 2017 Cancer. Probably Cancer should not hope for great success in professional sphere and on the love front. Get health, get plenty of rest, whenever possible, go on trips and travel.

Horoscope for August 9, 2017 Leo. This weekend the Leo are likely to spend in accordance with their wishes. It is possible that many will be engaged in a hobby or dedicate a day to creativity. Emotional subtlety and insight will help you achieve rapport with the people or expressive to convey his feelings in creative works.

Horoscope for August 9, 2017 Virgo. The best time for vacation. You can start building a house. Disease this day not heavy, but its feature that it can be resumed under circumstances identical to those with her appearance. And if you exclude them from your life, it will not be repeated. Use the opportunity for hardening, physical activity in the fresh air. At the same time avoid draughts.

Horoscope for August 9, 2017 Libra. Conflicts that result from your thoughtless behavior can lead to disharmony relations, fraught with separation. Save power; going to the gym and other sport activities are not recommended.

Horoscope for August 9, 2017 Scorpio. Perhaps you will find a surprise from the person from whom you do not expect. The events of that day can change your life. It is recommended to perform marriages based on love and understanding.

Horoscope for August 9, 2017 Sagittarius. Finally, you can truly relax. Everything will flow their way. In a small circle of very close friends will be warm and cozy. , You can enjoy intimate conversation. Have your script of the day. A good companion to you will become Twins. And Cancer can safely rely on - he will not fail.

Horoscope for August 9, 2017 Capricom. This day symbolizes strong passions, temptations. Announced old friends, which may provoke the wise Capricorn on extreme behavior. Avoid people with strong passions, extravagant, extreme. They will be given even appearance.

Horoscope for August 9, 2017 Aquarius. This day is not suitable for spending time in the company of friends, causing loved ones to worry about you not knowing where you are and what you. All your joy to wear in the house, your holidays, celebrate the family and invite your friends to yourself.

Horoscope for August 9, 2017 Pisces. It is not excluded, that the internal emotional instability of Pisces and their inability to understand the state of mind can trigger alcohol abuse. Rate the reasons for their actions: perhaps you rather enjoy life's challenges than learn from their mistakes, and we tend to indulge their weaknesses.

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