People born in the years of Pigs differ courage and the ability to self-sacrifice. They are honest and conscientious, attentive to those who love, respect, appreciate. The nature and character in pigs really knight is well aware of their friends and relatives. Chivalry and complaisance, subtlety and soul excessive scrupulousness - pronounced features nature of the Pig.

Pig is smart, but almost helpless in the cunning craftiness and. She is strict and demanding both in relation to themselves and to others, and rarely goes to any compromise. Pig very naive believes what she is told, and his own words always reinforces thorough arguments and facts.

In nature Pigs lot of sensitivity, it has a good soul. Disputes and quarrels she does not like scandals and tries to avoid confrontations. In family life, she tries to get sharp corners and long quarrel avoid. Pig always be trusted, she herself naive, trusting in this defenseless. If it fooled, she takes it without malice. Equally, it is tolerant to the shortcomings of others. She's a good player, but the spirit of competition in it. Lying rarely and then only for the purpose of self-defense, self-preservation.

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In ancient China, dogs were valued primarily for their ability to cast out demons. They are credited with the ability to find and pass subsistence (rice or millet). There is mention of a dog and a grandparent, and people with dog heads. The dog is a symbol of loyalty and devotion, the arrival of the animal in the house promises to future prosperity. Chinese Red Heavenly Dog Chien-ku day is associated with the male (yang) and helps to ward off evil spirits, and at night goes to the side of Yin (feminine) and symbolizes the destruction and disaster associated with meteor showers and eclipses. At this time, the dog becomes furious and bites the sun or the moon. In Japan, the animal serves as a faithful guardian.

Those born under the signs of loyalty and care, Dog never rests, it is always on the alert. She disgusts injustice, it is able to pay their last penny to help the needy. It is always fair play and never hides the true intentions. Although the dog is very straightforward and sometimes quite stubborn, she is always ready to listen to their opinion and strives for objectivity in judgment. The dog will gladly help advice, but only when asked to do so, although the first helping hand in difficult times.

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In China, the image of a rooster associated with courage, benevolence, dignity and loyalty. Red bird, symbolizing the original shape of the sun, protects against fire, white - from evil spirits. In general, usually refers to the dawn. Crown, crowning his head, says the tendency to literature, and spurs - a warlike character. Aggressiveness present in it, lets talk about another meaning: cock, among other things, is a symbol of war.

 Character for the word "cock", is used during funeral rites, as corresponds to the value of another character - "luck". It is believed that in this way expelled the evil spirits that may be present during the ritual. Despite the fact that both China and Japan this sign is called a rooster, the people of Vietnam is often referred to his chicken. This is due, perhaps, has the character and personality traits of people born in the year, which was patronized by the bird. On the one hand, swiftness, easy-going, extreme talkativeness, and on the other - calmness, insight, commitment to contemplation. And with that, and with a different type of people is not easy ...

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People born in the year of the Monkey, on the one hand, intelligent, agile and nimble. On the other - eccentric, contradictory and unreliable. All of them were awarded temper defined willfulness and waywardness. Most of them are creative and original, have common sense, make their own decisions, often demonstrating a fair conceit.

There is practically no field of activity where they could not succeed. They want all at once. However, they can very easily distracted from the case and convince. Most minor obstacles slightest noise can instantly ruin them up, knock down all their plans. Fame and popularity they achieve only when stubbornly and persistently followed his vocation.

Their head is always full of different thoughts, ideas, plans, and amusement facilities. They are diverse and versatile, are in perpetual motion. Monkeys cunning, selfish and self-serving, while extremely sociable. Often it seems that they get along with everyone bringing their playfulness and lightness, humor and wit, his courtesy and helpful. Monkeys are often so involved that it is capable of other people tiring and even bored. Monkey on the stern look too hectic and superficial, noisy and inconsistency. Many believe that it is just a person was "impossible" that can bring even the patience of family and friends. However, bored with it never happens, because boredom - her worst enemy.

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A person born in the Year of the Goat, it is practically impossible to refuse. He knows exactly which doors to knock in what to do and what to say to get what you want. And while goat does not build complex plans for the future and not weaving clever intrigue, and just knows how to please and arouse others unconscious desire to help her.

In a society Goat usually looks charmingly: she is sweet, artistic, clever, subtle sense of art, and often manifests all sorts of creative talents. In conversation, she prefers not to talk so much as listen: do not pull the blanket over himself, and with interest the interlocutor asks about his affairs and plans. Often, she asks for advice in various fields, and really apply these tips into practice and counselor is able to show my sincere gratitude. Everything is so different from the usual social behavior, when one speaks of himself that voluntarily giving other palm, goat gets a big advantage.

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The horse is always very beautiful and graceful. She was born to perform in the world not just one but several great missions, flashing at balls, lifting science, helping the needy and working as an ox. Everything she does to the soul, and what would she nor touched, suddenly turns into perspective, the benefits and beauty. She is very energetic, active, loves to frolic in the open. Stuffy room, the scope of the law or the rules - not for her, she loves freedom, and under saddle will quickly lose its charm, energy and charm. Horse egocentric, she loves to be the center of attention and having fun doing everything to its surrounding notice.

Intelligence and talents Horses are no boundaries - it can do just about anything, and if something does not know how - quickly learn it. The horse has the healthy curiosity that makes a person to constantly learn new and improved their knowledge and skills. Horse attracts the society in which she gladly arranges discussion and debate by actively supporting any point of view. It always strikes the minds of the people around them for their ability to navigate in virtually all matters Horse can easily support and discussion on the topic of art, about politics, and scientific topics. Horses competing with stubbornness stubbornness Bull, if something is not on her - she bites bits and rushes forward, ignoring the warnings of others. For this reason the horse often fails in life, but, however, quickly restored after each of them, if you want to reach even greater heights.

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People like Snakes are able to feel the emergence of complex situations and quickly begin to address the impending challenges in a quiet, their familiar manner. For them, it is most convenient to work independently, in which case they have the freedom to self negotiations concerning its own findings and plans, plus they can not stand the limitations imposed by other people, and tiring pressurized plans and installations from the side.

People born in this year - is logically organized workers and have available all the qualities required by their profession, are able to acquire new skills and improve. Snakes have a good memory that allows you to perform tasks in full and on schedule. In addition, they require very little time to rest, to resume forces again to be ready for the challenges of destiny.

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Born in the Year of the Dragon astrologers originally defined as the winners, tireless fighters. Generally, in astrology dragon - it is very energetic and powerful zodiac sign. He is full of energy, optimism, high-grade life forces. Those born in the Year of the Dragon, usually open relationships with others. They are not used to like to be penny wise and very generous. Unselfishness and honesty - the core values of the Dragon. It feels absolutely miserable when forced to dissemble or to deceive.

Another ineradicable quality of the Dragons - perfectionism. It even can become a problem throughout the life of the Dragon. Unless Dragon can accept the existence of imperfections in his life, he will become much easier.

People may be surprised, but the bright glamor of the Dragon often hides behind a dissatisfaction, the sensitivity of the individual. While hiding their emotions - it's not in the rules of the Dragon, but their expression does not give a hint of weakness. What is surprising is that the Dragon is easily deceived.

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Rabbit (Cat) very lucky, because I always fall on their feet. He has a deep mind, a healthy ambition, able to communicate well and always manifests itself in society. Rabbit is quite modest, but not notorious, he knows his own worth and never give in insult. Appearance of the Rabbit is very deceptive, because it can show courage when it turns nose to nose with adversity, and the onslaught of the Rabbit can not make even a tiger or bull. Rabbit (Cat) has a subtle, refined taste and very beautiful secular manners. He gladly accepts guests, and likes when all around is furnished well, the upper class.

Rabbit is not boastful, but the case will not fail to show your friends with the comfort and luxury furnished home. The representative of the zodiacal circle rather curious, inquisitive, and willingly accepted for training, but he has such a purpose - to shine in society, in terms their extensive knowledge in various fields. Rabbit (Cat) can not be derived from itself, it never loses its balance, skillfully balancing even on the verge of a foul. Thanks to this ability, Rabbit (Cat) remains unharmed even at very high disasters occurring around him.

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A person born in the Year of the Tiger - the leader and rebel. Rules that all must obey, not for him, Tiger lives by its own laws, following the dictates of his troubled heart. Instead of going to the beaten road, he almost everything that they should take, prefers to look for new, more promising and interesting ways, and sometimes really finds them. And sometimes lose everything.

You can recognize a Tiger in his impetuous movements, open face and charm, which will likely not be able to resist. His ideas are so interesting, and the words are sincere and hot, usually it is not difficult to infect others with their enthusiasm. Because of this it is often the mastermind behind any affairs and activities; it is easier than anyone else, it is possible to organize people into a new project or to draw them into a new adventure.

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People born in the Year of the Ox, humble, patient and reticent, perseverance and endurance. At the same time, under certain conditions and circumstances may be impatient, and the eccentric can easily themselves go out. At such times, they should beware and avoid, for their anger and rage out of control, not knowing no borders, no limits. At the moment of emotional outburst, under the influence of their undeniable eloquence can get large audiences, the whole crowd. And most of them have not only excellent mental, and physical data.

Even as a child, they prefer to be only in the security zone, avoiding loneliness, trying to conclude any kind and rank a close alliance with a partner like - sweet and cute, loyal and faithful, strong and determined. Over the years, they give the impression of the people of the old school, respectable and respected, but with a conservative mindset. Rehabilitation, as a rule, do not give in. That they contain a child, in most cases it remains until the end of life.

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People born in the years of the Rat, distinguished charm and good looks. This thrifty people, although they may be generous to those who love who they cute. They are characterized by a combination of strength and elegance. Their outward calm and addictive fun - only to lure victims. Longer contact with them allows to notice their inner restlessness, tension, desire for aggressive action.

Many of them are careful, meticulous, ambitious, but - petty. They are honest and open in the affairs nimble and agile, succeed, and usually achieve his. Clearly visible their straightforwardness and vitality. Of all they are trying to derive any benefit, advantage, profit from their friends and acquaintances for their money, and even from other people's money, from its own charm and visual appeal, they float and abuse. Living the present, they are at the same time accumulate wealth to provide for his old age.

One reason for their success is the fact that they are perfectly able to keep as their own and other people's secrets, business secrets, not trusting and not reporting them to others. Most of them have a happy childhood and carefree youth, but the second half of life can be pretty rough. Then often there is a threat of losing everything in a failed state or fact of losing his gambling, or lose the family well-being because of the complications of love affairs. However, the age they can be secured and quiet. However, all this will depend on when the person was born - summer or winter. If the winter, you could end up quietly and safely, and if the summer, it is not ruled out an extensive search of livelihood, trying to avoid all kinds of traps, placed on their life's journey.

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