Capricorn and Aquarius compatibility



Once upon a time, people had much less freedom than it is now. Their whole life was strictly regulated. Everyone in society and even in the family knew his place and, according to him, carried out a number of rules. Rules specify how it should behave towards other people: the peasant towards his master, children - parents, the court - to the monarch.

But because of this strict system and grew rebellious, progressive politicians, revolutionaries. Knowledge at that time were scattered, discoveries are often made by chance, and for a revolutionary breakthrough in science had to first bring everything into the system. As you can see, the system output and beyond it was a process. In astrology, the ruler of this process was considered Saturn, and he obeyed at once two characters - a strict, extremely hierarchical and freedom Capricorn, Aquarius does not tolerate framework.

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When was the discovery of the planet Uranus, her energy began to operate in our world directly, rather than through Saturn. But today Uranian Aquarians often lack the base, the foundation based on which they can fly. Their half, helping them uncover their full creative potential - Capricorn. To seduce a man-of Aquarius, it is enough to show him that you understand and respect his aspirations and its ready to be a reliable companion.

Do not ignore the sexual attraction. Male Aquarians are compatible with Capricorn woman on a deep, energy level. Intimacy between the two men gives Aquarius huge charge forces.

In such a pair of female Capricorn feels always young. If we talk about very young Capricorn and Aquarius, the serious, responsible girl Capricorn Aquarius makes contact with unchained. She knows that there is a person who will come up with something original and always will support, will not leave her alone to deal with the problems that she is afraid to get acting not as accustomed.

 Mature, accomplished woman Capricorn near the Aquarius finds new purpose. She knows what she wants to achieve in life, has already achieved much - and then revealed to her prospects of quite another order. Capricorn gets higher goals than career or social status.

Aquarius through this partnership is never a loser. It is very impractical. When it captures the idea that he can forget about everyday needs, and how it will be around the idea. Here assistance sensible Capricorn woman very handy. It becomes a caring guardian and manager simultaneously punching your favorite genius.