Capricorn and Capricorn compatibility



If you come across free of Capricorn, which came into maturity and already has achieved something, you can be sure - he thinks about the family. Capricorn man comfortably live in a world where everything is in its place. And since he is conservative, for he had a family - a mandatory part of an ordered life. As for the fleeting novels (if the marriage with Capricorn in your plans do not include), then the older Capricorn, the greater the chance of a love affair. In his youth, these men are very serious and responsible, but over the years they have a boy's mettle.

To create a family (or any other durable partnership) Capricorn responsibly. He has his own ideas about what place in life should take a wife and family. And if a woman other signs can intuit or accidentally "hit the top ten", then you are well aware that such a system, the hierarchy of principles. Do you hundred percent chances perfect fit in a man's life, Capricorn.

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All that is required of you - ask him exactly what expectations he has for his wife. You can easily justify them.

Predict what will each consist of a pair of concrete Capricorns can only be analyzed if their personal horoscopes. The fact that people other signs can be successful, can fold the face of difficulties, may abandon their plans and take advantage of more attractive happy chance. Capricorn supporting each other necessarily come to the goals that have set themselves.

Since the goal of all people are different, and say something definite about what looks like a pair of Capricorn, will not work. This can be a large family living in nature away from civilization, the wealthy, the leading family business, high officials and any other people. The main thing is that each of Capricorn in the pair eventually achieves desired. The interesting thing is that with age, they seem to get younger: they can be found on the tourist centers, hiking, hunting, ie there where hardly anyone goes from young Capricorns.