Capricorn and Scorpio compatibility



Male Scorpios appreciate worthy opponents. In a couple of themselves they choose any women with the energy of Venus, soft, compliant, sex, or the same leaders as they are. Capricorn woman is not inferior to them in discernment, the ability to intrigue, strength of spirit. Often pair of Scorpio and Capricorn appeared after prolonged hostility of these people.
The woman Capricorn is much more likely to be a relationship with an adult, mature Scorpio.

In his youth, they try their hand and willingly meet with women who can manage. With age, Scorpio begins to appreciate the support that could have a strong woman. Realize themselves in work, Scorpio is not in a hurry to dominate in the family, and constant love games prefer stability and responsible, strong, quiet partner, his "soul mate" and not a slave.

Zodiac sign characteristics


If you are interested in a Scorpio, you do not need a lot of effort into his conquests: he immediately enjoy the benefits of relations with you. Since young Scorpio need to play, to resist, to show their strengths. But it should be kept on the edge and do not turn the Scorpion in a vengeful enemy.

Even when they are in a good mood and behave nicely, they have something frightening. These are people who know exactly what they want, and they confidently go towards your goals, not stopping at nothing. The couple have a few friends, but they do not suffer from it: they are each other's best friends who can be trusted with everything. Scorpio respects because of their companion and advised her in all cases. Not uncommon in such pairs joint business, and the novel itself often begins at work.

If Capricorn woman does not want to be a complete leader in all aspects of life, although the power to carry that she has, Scorpio - is her man. She can rely on him and be weak. Scorpio is reliable if it is included you in the loved ones that will never fail.

Both of these signs - the owners, and they try not to provoke each other on jealousy. Sexual compatibility is not bad at them, though the Scorpio and may lack the emotional intensity.