Capricorn and Libra compatibility



In Capricorn has two main tools to interest Libra. The first is entirely on the surface. Home planet of Libra - Venus. Gentle, sensitive, soft scales will be attracted to people with opposite, Mars energy. And Capricorn Mars is very strong. Therefore Scales experience strong sexual attraction to Capricorn from the first meeting. Appearance, manners, sex appeal - Your first trump card in the struggle for man Libra. The main thing here - do not stifle its primary energy of Mars planet Saturn. Avoid excessive cold, harsh, efficiency in dealing with weights.

But Saturn will help you too! Do harmonious, soft Libra really have a solid inner core. They love the strength, consistency, certainty (no wonder they are considered a sign of partnership, not a sign of love). Saturnian features Capricorn - responsibility, ability to put everything in its place, stability, conservatism - will find in them a lively response. When the first step is taken, Libra interested in you sexually, and you will feel that you have conquered them. But you will be a surprise: they know you better than you do them, and conqueror in fact they will be. Scales, for all their gentleness - these are the men who are female Capricorn can trust as a leader and hide behind his reliable back.

Zodiac sign characteristics


From the outside it secular, educated, discreet people. Looking at the man in this pair, you would never think that this classic scales as they are used to seeing - passive, soft, lightly. Libra Capricorn gets paired with stiffness - because next to him is the one who is ready to act and take responsibility. A very solid balance internally, just like raking heat proxy. Capricorn - it is the woman who is not afraid to act openly, with the support of Libra also stop pretending helpless. They retain the external charm, but also demonstrate the power of nature.

The woman in this pair becomes soft, tender. Internally it remains rational, more - its business spirit demanded Libra and so it is self-confident. Libra but she learns to hide their rigidity. Therefore, female Capricorn, which linked life with Libra - very pleasant companion.