Capricorn and Virgo compatibility



Male Virgo careful, cautious, very chistoploten both morally and physically. By the violent passions, he is incredulous. Sexual advantage of a wealth of experience not think so. Sometimes, thinking about what he should behave "like a man" could be tempted short novel with sexy vamp, but in his life, this episode will not fit. He prefers smooth, reliable, calm attitude. If you are interested in a male Virgo, do not try to be what you are not. No need feigned casualness, no artificial "highlights" in appearance. Virgin prefer strong, active, simple woman.

Virgo likes to care for them. But not in the household stuff - in this Virgo himself about anyone care. Virgo is fear: fear of chaos. He is afraid of disorder and tries to make his life as much as possible correct and painted detail. But the reality responds poorly to planning, so the male Virgo is in a constant state of anxiety. Capricorn woman looks wider than Virgo, it is able to organize even the little things and the big spheres of life. Therefore, Virgo is attracted to her. Show the Virgin that you can offer him the order in life - and it is entirely yours.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Together happy Capricorn and Virgo - a quiet, somewhat dullish couple who is proud of his home, his way of life, their children. Sometimes, especially if the woman chose life housewives, a couple there is something self-righteous, so they do not love in all companies. But they themselves Capricorn and Virgo - small hunters to entertainment. They are always busy, and when available, then admire the results of their work.

They have a great sexual compatibility. Earth signs are not too temperamental, behave with restraint in public, but in the intima appreciate quality and craftsmanship. They are not indifferent to sex, just sex will never be for this pair in the first place.

Most often, the couple only one child and both parents responsible approach to his upbringing.