Capricorn and Leo compatibility



Bright, fiery, temperamental people are actually very thrifty in love. No, it does not go talking about vulgar financial settlement. They are concerned that their relationship was beautiful, not to humiliate them, gave cause for pride. The woman Capricorn has all the qualities that attract her man-Lion. She is calm, not prone to ugly scenes, knows how to behave with dignity. It is not so bright and noticeable, as Leo, and it will suit him too - he does not tolerate competition from even close.

To win the Lion, you need to show him that you - not a "girl from the street," you need to achieve, you will pay attention to what a man and what he has achieved in life. For Leo is - an excellent opportunity to show off their success.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Sometimes you may feel that Leo behaves too clearly where it would be appropriate to show restraint. Most often he speaks of himself in this situation, not the situation. How very pragmatic person, you will want to show him that the world does not revolve around him, and orient it to solve the problem. Do not. To win the Lion, you will need to get used to the fact that he is the protagonist of all that is now your life.
Surrounding see Capricorn and Leo as a couple purposeful, strong, power of people. They - the recognized leaders, each in his circle. Man with time in this pair becomes more seriousness, coldness, loses heat, which warms all his friends in his youth, and his only save up to people of the same circle with him. Woman looks contented life, successful, confident in his family a safe well-being.
If using synastry look at the couple's relationship from the inside, you can see: both quite happy with their union. Often passions subside quickly, and remains affection and mutual account. Although the pair of Capricorn and Leo passions do not place: both of these signs can easily give up the feelings to get in return for respectability, reliability, solid position in life.
Even under ideal pairs of the novel on the side of both partners.