Capricorn and Cancer compatibility



Male cancer extends to women such as maternity, caring, homely, soft. But he withdraws into himself, in response to austerity and dryness. Therefore, the Capricorn woman has all the data in order to win it, and those features that push him away forever. To make the best impression on the man-of Cancer, show him that you are responsible, do not change the decision did not accept him an unexpected jolt. You are able to take care of themselves and at the same time to support it, if it is necessary. Cancer appreciates constancy. Appreciate it and other features similar to his own - diligence and frugality feelings.

What can be done? Cancer can not be rude to break off when he reveals the soul. Do not call him a whiner and a weakling, urge to pull himself together, to declare that "men do not cry." In short, it is necessary to respect the fact that he has a sensitive nature and a lot more emotion than the typical woman of Capricorn. Let him feel that your earnest, practical, authoritativeness - a wall securely closes it from life's storms in the moments when he is vulnerable and prone to bad mood. If he trusted you, then consider that you have mastered the task - won his Cancer.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Perfect couple female Capricorn and Cancer men - one of the happiest couples of all the zodiac. The fact is that in terms of astrology, these are two complementary halves, and not the contrary, as many think. These symbols carry the same karmic task only approach it from different angles.

Union with each other helps them to see their same area of interest from the other side and find new ways of self-realization. Cancer-Capricorn axis - an axis from the past to the future, from the kind of common goals - to personal social goals from family and a safe home - a career. Cancer serves as a home, emotional beginning, and Capricorn as a leader. It has a high-end Capricorn caution, prudence and stability, and excellent home Cancer feels any changes.

This pair may be a classic union of his wife, whose mission - to manage the house, and a husband who makes a career. For the sake of the family, and with such a reliable rear, not interested, in fact, a career Cancer able to achieve great things. But perhaps the best and the reverse option when cancer - a homebody, and Capricorn - business woman. And in fact, and in another case, the couple will be happy and successful.