Capricorn and Gemini compatibility



In men, the Twin intelligence strong emotions. Therefore, interest him - the easiest way to start a novel. Capricorn woman will not have to exert any effort for this: embodied Snow Queen, it will be a mystery for the Twins, and they will want to solve it. Do not disclose to the Twins to the end. Do you have great advantages: determination, reliability, toughness views, but it is - things for the Twins clear and not very interesting. But your restraint for a long time "catch" him, he will again and again try to break your armor.

Often male twins do not want to grow up and choose a companion of women who can be their mother: adult, authoritative, reliable. Capricorn woman wins here is that it does not have to be older than their men by age. It is by nature endowed with mature wisdom. Therefore, Gemini happily not only an affair with a Capricorn, but also take them in marriage.

Zodiac sign characteristics


When seduction Gemini get ready to take it after his next adventure, to educate, to sympathize, to rake the consequences, but in any case it is impossible to limit and keep nearby.

Hard for others to communicate with Capricorn and Gemini, when they are together. After a couple of especially married and lived together for a long time, is perceived by people as something coherent, unified. And here in front of interlocutors are two very different people with dissimilar views, interests and temperament. Therefore, Capricorn and Gemini often different friends, and relax in the companies they prefer apart.

But you can not say that a pair of two strangers to each other people. Themselves inside their pairs they thrive. Capricorn woman loves and understands the relationship in which there is a system hierarchy. Once the role of the "older" and "younger" paired distributed, it becomes comfortable and the rest of dissimilarity - it is the little things with which it is easy to manage. In alliance with the man's twin roles are distributed automatically, there is no explanation of the relationship and struggle. Gemini psychologically under Capricorn.

At the household level, Capricorn Gemini receives information about new features, options, chances, in fact in itself female Capricorn is conservative and does not have a broad outlook. A Gemini acquire the one who can make it more stable way of life and make it an order.