Capricorn and Taurus compatibility



The woman Capricorn there are many ways to influence the man-Taurus. They are similar in character, temperament, energy, belong to one group of signs and therefore Capricorn immediately provide more interest from the Taurus, than other women. Taurus assess your character traits that sees and believes in his undoubted advantages: seriousness, responsibility, no mood swings are very congenial to him. But this is not enough to tie relations. If Taurus already has its own stability, order, peace, then why does he still? He needed something extra, something he does not have.

Your definite plus - patience. In Taurus has its drawbacks, and at the time of your meeting, he probably already aware of them. And since you met with a lone Taurus, it is logical to assume that all the ladies, try to him to "correct" and "re-educate" left without his society. Taurus, more than any other sign, does not like change. Take it along with the shortcomings and do not remind them. This will make your chances of relations with almost one hundred percent.

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And do not forget that Taurus is the most important physical side of the relationship. Be attractive to him sexually. This will give you the remaining interest to success was certain.

Externally, it is quiet, friendly couple. Surrounding see Capricorn and Taurus as in something similar people notice that they have no differences on most issues, they are in harmony with each other, live in the same rhythm and not make a scene in public. At a noisy party they are a bit boring, but with close this pleasant, patient and quiet person. They often established way of life and a good financial position. But they never show their well-being, such as fire signs. In case you need they have and status clothing and a good car, but they will go on a picnic in T-shirts and jeans on bikes (the more often a pair of female and male Capricorn Taurus maintain a healthy lifestyle).

When a woman finds her Capricorn Taurus, she realizes that it has reached full of happiness and harmony. This quiet, discreet man will present no surprises it will not require the impossible from her, he gives her what she values - a quiet life on a pre-thought-out plan, there is no place where an unfortunate eventuality.