Capricorn and Aries compatibility



Aries man is afraid of Capricorn woman and at the same time pulling him to her. Why? The fact is that the problem with the planet Aries Capricorn - Saturn. He is afraid of the framework, a system he was afraid of losing the freedom of will and obey (whether people, circumstances, instructions). But because of the ram produced the most ardent soldafony and impenetrable officials-tyrant - if he starts to use the energy of Saturn as he understands it.

Capricorn woman for him - a teacher, counselor, and an example of how can be solved to realize themselves in the nature of his problem. He is pretty strong grip, self-discipline and caution women that mark. It is important to comply with the measure: do not press on the Aries and educate him, and only shows the right way by example. Especially since a lot of Aries their strengths, and do not need to "teach" him how to live as a whole.

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Conquer Aries using the strengths of his character: responsibility, discipline, the ability to "fit" within the structure itself. In Aries are often problems in communicating with officials - offer him help in walking the chain of command. It is difficult to structure the knowledge he has a mess in the documentation - do not try to shift his paper "correctly", but advice on how to organize everything he hears.

Do not be afraid to look "unfeminine." Physically Capricorn woman is very attractive for the rams, and your business will not make you care for him with a mixture of business colleague with a computer.

These are strong and fearless people. They boldly go through life, and thanks to the gift of Capricorn to maintain stability, conquered peaks not fade with time going nowhere and become part of the family welfare pairs. A Single Man, Aries - a warrior, always ready to fight and win, but whose property is placed in a camp knapsack. Man-Ram, near which there is a woman-Capricorn - a captain, returning with rich booty to his home, where he was met, warmed up, will heal the wound, and the production will be used prudently to multiply wealth.

Among these two - not too sociable and smiling people. They have no hypocrisy, but also much heat does not come from them. Among the guests at the general merriment they do not tend to attract attention. Another thing - leisure, extreme sports or collective interests. There's this couple leaning on each other, it is the leading.

Intimacy Aries and Capricorn problem in the beginning of a relationship, but over the years only improve. Woman loses appeal for Aries in adulthood, and objectively it charm and sexual appetites bloom closer to 30 and then subside for a long time.