Сapricorn and Рisces compatibility



Seduce Pisces - no easy task. Pisces man is looking a stream of life will make it to success. He loves money, status, expensive things, but does not want to make them myself. Therefore, some of the fish in the worst case become gigolos, and at best - used for success innate abilities, that they are given the easiest, but in this case also depend on other people's money. For example, fish - excellent consultants in the field of psychology (the money from the customer) and the Creator, who patronize patrons. But the ability to find someone who will bring wealth Pisces comes to these men with age. Young dreamy Pisces and unselfish.

If in front of you - a mature fish, it will not have too much to tempt he sees great and good compatibility characters, and the benefits that gives him an alliance with Capricorn woman. But if you like a young representative of the sign, the problem is complex.

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Capricorn and Aquarius compatibility



Once upon a time, people had much less freedom than it is now. Their whole life was strictly regulated. Everyone in society and even in the family knew his place and, according to him, carried out a number of rules. Rules specify how it should behave towards other people: the peasant towards his master, children - parents, the court - to the monarch.

But because of this strict system and grew rebellious, progressive politicians, revolutionaries. Knowledge at that time were scattered, discoveries are often made by chance, and for a revolutionary breakthrough in science had to first bring everything into the system. As you can see, the system output and beyond it was a process. In astrology, the ruler of this process was considered Saturn, and he obeyed at once two characters - a strict, extremely hierarchical and freedom Capricorn, Aquarius does not tolerate framework.

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Capricorn and Capricorn compatibility



If you come across free of Capricorn, which came into maturity and already has achieved something, you can be sure - he thinks about the family. Capricorn man comfortably live in a world where everything is in its place. And since he is conservative, for he had a family - a mandatory part of an ordered life. As for the fleeting novels (if the marriage with Capricorn in your plans do not include), then the older Capricorn, the greater the chance of a love affair. In his youth, these men are very serious and responsible, but over the years they have a boy's mettle.

To create a family (or any other durable partnership) Capricorn responsibly. He has his own ideas about what place in life should take a wife and family. And if a woman other signs can intuit or accidentally "hit the top ten", then you are well aware that such a system, the hierarchy of principles. Do you hundred percent chances perfect fit in a man's life, Capricorn.

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Capricorn and Sagittarius compatibility




Capricorn and Sagittarius are very different. Seduce Sagittarius - no easy task for women of Capricorn, and it is not very clear why it is necessary. She also feels that this man she had little in common. But if it just so happens, and you are interested in Sagittarius, let's see how to conquer and hold.

Began an affair with Sagittarius easy. These men take all the fun out of life and not give to spend time with a gorgeous woman. Interest him, to keep, to make relate to the novel seriously - it is more difficult. It does not help psychological games. If Sagittarius belongs to the species of the sign that loves traveling and novelty, a chance to confess, almost none. Is that interfere other planets personal horoscopes Capricorn and Sagittarius. But if Sagittarius is the sign for ambitious representatives, wants to be influential, popular, makes its way into high society, then Capricorn good prospects.

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Capricorn and Scorpio compatibility



Male Scorpios appreciate worthy opponents. In a couple of themselves they choose any women with the energy of Venus, soft, compliant, sex, or the same leaders as they are. Capricorn woman is not inferior to them in discernment, the ability to intrigue, strength of spirit. Often pair of Scorpio and Capricorn appeared after prolonged hostility of these people.
The woman Capricorn is much more likely to be a relationship with an adult, mature Scorpio.

In his youth, they try their hand and willingly meet with women who can manage. With age, Scorpio begins to appreciate the support that could have a strong woman. Realize themselves in work, Scorpio is not in a hurry to dominate in the family, and constant love games prefer stability and responsible, strong, quiet partner, his "soul mate" and not a slave.

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Capricorn and Libra compatibility



In Capricorn has two main tools to interest Libra. The first is entirely on the surface. Home planet of Libra - Venus. Gentle, sensitive, soft scales will be attracted to people with opposite, Mars energy. And Capricorn Mars is very strong. Therefore Scales experience strong sexual attraction to Capricorn from the first meeting. Appearance, manners, sex appeal - Your first trump card in the struggle for man Libra. The main thing here - do not stifle its primary energy of Mars planet Saturn. Avoid excessive cold, harsh, efficiency in dealing with weights.

But Saturn will help you too! Do harmonious, soft Libra really have a solid inner core. They love the strength, consistency, certainty (no wonder they are considered a sign of partnership, not a sign of love). Saturnian features Capricorn - responsibility, ability to put everything in its place, stability, conservatism - will find in them a lively response. When the first step is taken, Libra interested in you sexually, and you will feel that you have conquered them. But you will be a surprise: they know you better than you do them, and conqueror in fact they will be. Scales, for all their gentleness - these are the men who are female Capricorn can trust as a leader and hide behind his reliable back.

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Capricorn and Virgo compatibility



Male Virgo careful, cautious, very chistoploten both morally and physically. By the violent passions, he is incredulous. Sexual advantage of a wealth of experience not think so. Sometimes, thinking about what he should behave "like a man" could be tempted short novel with sexy vamp, but in his life, this episode will not fit. He prefers smooth, reliable, calm attitude. If you are interested in a male Virgo, do not try to be what you are not. No need feigned casualness, no artificial "highlights" in appearance. Virgin prefer strong, active, simple woman.

Virgo likes to care for them. But not in the household stuff - in this Virgo himself about anyone care. Virgo is fear: fear of chaos. He is afraid of disorder and tries to make his life as much as possible correct and painted detail. But the reality responds poorly to planning, so the male Virgo is in a constant state of anxiety. Capricorn woman looks wider than Virgo, it is able to organize even the little things and the big spheres of life. Therefore, Virgo is attracted to her. Show the Virgin that you can offer him the order in life - and it is entirely yours.

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Capricorn and Leo compatibility



Bright, fiery, temperamental people are actually very thrifty in love. No, it does not go talking about vulgar financial settlement. They are concerned that their relationship was beautiful, not to humiliate them, gave cause for pride. The woman Capricorn has all the qualities that attract her man-Lion. She is calm, not prone to ugly scenes, knows how to behave with dignity. It is not so bright and noticeable, as Leo, and it will suit him too - he does not tolerate competition from even close.

To win the Lion, you need to show him that you - not a "girl from the street," you need to achieve, you will pay attention to what a man and what he has achieved in life. For Leo is - an excellent opportunity to show off their success.

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Capricorn and Cancer compatibility



Male cancer extends to women such as maternity, caring, homely, soft. But he withdraws into himself, in response to austerity and dryness. Therefore, the Capricorn woman has all the data in order to win it, and those features that push him away forever. To make the best impression on the man-of Cancer, show him that you are responsible, do not change the decision did not accept him an unexpected jolt. You are able to take care of themselves and at the same time to support it, if it is necessary. Cancer appreciates constancy. Appreciate it and other features similar to his own - diligence and frugality feelings.

What can be done? Cancer can not be rude to break off when he reveals the soul. Do not call him a whiner and a weakling, urge to pull himself together, to declare that "men do not cry." In short, it is necessary to respect the fact that he has a sensitive nature and a lot more emotion than the typical woman of Capricorn. Let him feel that your earnest, practical, authoritativeness - a wall securely closes it from life's storms in the moments when he is vulnerable and prone to bad mood. If he trusted you, then consider that you have mastered the task - won his Cancer.

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Capricorn and Gemini compatibility



In men, the Twin intelligence strong emotions. Therefore, interest him - the easiest way to start a novel. Capricorn woman will not have to exert any effort for this: embodied Snow Queen, it will be a mystery for the Twins, and they will want to solve it. Do not disclose to the Twins to the end. Do you have great advantages: determination, reliability, toughness views, but it is - things for the Twins clear and not very interesting. But your restraint for a long time "catch" him, he will again and again try to break your armor.

Often male twins do not want to grow up and choose a companion of women who can be their mother: adult, authoritative, reliable. Capricorn woman wins here is that it does not have to be older than their men by age. It is by nature endowed with mature wisdom. Therefore, Gemini happily not only an affair with a Capricorn, but also take them in marriage.

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Capricorn and Taurus compatibility



The woman Capricorn there are many ways to influence the man-Taurus. They are similar in character, temperament, energy, belong to one group of signs and therefore Capricorn immediately provide more interest from the Taurus, than other women. Taurus assess your character traits that sees and believes in his undoubted advantages: seriousness, responsibility, no mood swings are very congenial to him. But this is not enough to tie relations. If Taurus already has its own stability, order, peace, then why does he still? He needed something extra, something he does not have.

Your definite plus - patience. In Taurus has its drawbacks, and at the time of your meeting, he probably already aware of them. And since you met with a lone Taurus, it is logical to assume that all the ladies, try to him to "correct" and "re-educate" left without his society. Taurus, more than any other sign, does not like change. Take it along with the shortcomings and do not remind them. This will make your chances of relations with almost one hundred percent.

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Capricorn and Aries compatibility



Aries man is afraid of Capricorn woman and at the same time pulling him to her. Why? The fact is that the problem with the planet Aries Capricorn - Saturn. He is afraid of the framework, a system he was afraid of losing the freedom of will and obey (whether people, circumstances, instructions). But because of the ram produced the most ardent soldafony and impenetrable officials-tyrant - if he starts to use the energy of Saturn as he understands it.

Capricorn woman for him - a teacher, counselor, and an example of how can be solved to realize themselves in the nature of his problem. He is pretty strong grip, self-discipline and caution women that mark. It is important to comply with the measure: do not press on the Aries and educate him, and only shows the right way by example. Especially since a lot of Aries their strengths, and do not need to "teach" him how to live as a whole.

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