Сancer and Рisces compatibility



Man-Fish dreams of love. At the same time it is practical in regard to the personal interests and willing to give up for the sake of feeling profitable alliance that would ensure his material well-being. It seems that combine these two needs can not be. But it seems just as long, until he met a woman-Cancer. It's sensitive, dreamy and understand Pisces. Emotions for it - is as important a part of life, as well as for fish. They are similar in nature, both are not aggressive, receptive and sensitive.

In addition, Rakini is something that is lacking Pisces: a practical streak. It is reasonable in the household and financial matters. Fish will certainly appreciate it.

And still a good tool for the conquest of Pisces is sexual compatibility of couples. They fit together perfectly, in the intimate sphere they have a lot of tenderness and sincerity, and they never "stale" to each other.

Zodiac sign characteristics


These people are bathed in love. They never tire of talking to each other sweet words, attentive and caring to the needs of each other. These couples are never on the calculation, they have a lot of sincere love. And Cancer and Pisces alongside the likes of myself can not hide his thin, vulnerable soul. They trust each other and share all the dreams and experiences.

Cancer woman can be very strong. It ceases to be an eternal child, what happens next to a strong man. For the sake of fish it is able to achieve much, with the result that benefits not only the fish, but she was. Man-Fish often suffers from the fact that the reality brutalized him. Cancer woman - is the man in whom he finds a kindred spirit and a reliable friend. Thanks to her Pisces feel less vulnerable his castles in the air. Cancer does not require Pisces business success, and so instead of very average "conventional" success Pisces develop their best traits: compassion, kindness and imagination. As a result, they are extraordinary people, and also are happy.