Сancer and Аquarius compatibility



Aquarians like selfless, not materialistic woman, open and friendly. Cancer, of course, can not be called the soul of the company, and practicality in her character is. But her daydreaming and imagination will make it in the eyes of Aquarius creature from another world. He will see it as a delicate fairy, far from pragmatism and calculation. I must say that Aquarians - not a very good psychologist, so they will always see this cancer (if only they had not had a stroke of insight, which is typical for Aquarius - and not just in the private sphere).

Need to pay much attention to their appearance. Aquarius is able to love, taking the appearance of a reflection of character. And whether you want to open before the Aquarius soul? Male Aquarians are selfish. They want to give the benefit of the world, but rather indifferent to close. A woman should make sure the moral qualities of Aquarius and then trust him completely. Otherwise, it will use its concern "brazen", in fact, making it a housekeeper. But if Aquarius genuinely kind and noble, Cancer, with its help, moral support and even pragmatism money will be his real support.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Happy couple Cancer and Aquarius can be found infrequently. This is an unusual and original pair. In their characters a little compatibility. This pair can occur if it is - people of the same circle, habits and attitudes, and beliefs of education. But even this is not enough, the pair was strong. Usually these people are united by something "over-personal." This can be great general purpose scientific work, or, conversely, a common struggle with the disaster. Learn to live with time and Cancer Aquarius are many benefits in your union.

Aquarius Cancer opens new horizons. Her life becomes brighter thanks to him, she appears a wide choice of what to strive for. Aquarius is progressive, it generates new ideas. And cancer is stable and tends to keep what he has. For her, it is important to feel safe. Therefore, the activities of the pair looks like this: Aquarius brings home a "mammoth" in the form of new ideas, and cancer saves and uses it. Along the way, Aquarius and become a great money earner, and Rakin skillfully manage them. As a result, the pair achieved a lot in spiritual development, but do not forget about the immediate and tangible.

Cancer and Aquarius have different "environment". Aquarius feels belonging to the world, he does not recognize boundaries and conventions. He is comfortable in new places, at a party, he likes to travel and long-distance flights. Cancer really calm and good only in his home. Because many of the pair differences in the initial phase relationship. Cancer wants to spend time with your loved one, and he has thousand ideas extravagant holiday.