Сancer and Сapricorn compatibility



Capricorns are reasonable men in love and choosing a companion is not the heart and mind. And the younger the Capricorn, the tighter it in their preferences, and with age they have a longer proportion of recklessness and the desire for pleasure. Therefore, the younger the woman, vending Cancer man, the greater her chances to win it. After all, it's not like a vamp or a charming doll, which can pull Capricorn middle age. But when Capricorn appreciates companion mind, he is interested in a gentle, modest and sensitive woman who is patient with a soft sweetheart, a good hostess, reliable wife and caring mother.

All of these social roles are natural for women of Cancer. She is gentle and sensitive, caring and loves homepage quiet life. She wants her man cared for her and in turn give him warmth and love. Rakin win Capricorn character, attention to their needs, quiet diligence, and to secure the interest of Capricorn, stands often invite him to her that he appreciated the comfort that she is able to create.

Zodiac sign characteristics


In this pair responsible for all decisions takes on the man. The woman does not fight with him for leadership, and listen to him. Next to the gentle and reliable Rakin in Capricorn develop its best features: the responsibility and sense of purpose. He knows how to find the right solutions and the woman is no risk, trust him. If there is disagreement in the pair, female Cancer softens conflict sincerity and tenderness. It does not interfere with "male" business, and provides moral Capricorn rest. Instead, he protects it reliably in difficult situations.

Can not say that Rakin completely subordinated to Capricorn. She has its own sphere of influence - all about feelings and relationships and family - at home, children, and economic issues. She skillfully manages the house of Capricorn and creates comfort in it. Cancer woman sees its implementation as a mother, wife, mistress of the house, and Capricorn - one of those characters that help her get what you want.

In romantic pairs of Cancer and Capricorn man because of his woman becomes more confident and stronger, as it gives him emotions, concern and opportunity with her not to think about things. The woman in a relationship with Capricorn reinforces the mentality thanks to that stability and confidence in the future, which gives her a Capricorn.