Сancer and Sagittarius compatibility



The woman-Cancer There are two ways of winning Sagittarius. The choice depends on the type of Archer before it.

If she fell in love with the Sagittarius-sybarite, Sagittarius, loves success, enjoyment and ranks in the one who is generous, a few hamovat and unceremoniously, then it is better to bet on visual appeal. Sagittarians are partial to female beauty and Cancer - very feminine sign. He bestows female charm, mystery and tenderness.

If before the Cancer Sagittarius philosopher, Sagittarius, seeking truth and living by ethical or philosophical principles, he will perceive cancer as a child, which should be taught wits. Almost childlike purity and vulnerability Rakini cause him a desire to care for her, protect and nurture it.

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If a female Cancer stronger and wiser, he will perceive it as a bearer kind of esoteric ideas, the personification of the feminine. Sagittarius attracts history and deeds of ancestors and wise Cancer is often know a lot of interesting things on this topic.

When a female cancer in a good mood, it does not look closed and cautious. She is sweet, friendly and sociable. Sagittarius man is endowed with a reserve of optimism that the mood of Cancer beside it happens much more often good than bad. Woman in his company thrives. She has the confidence in the future. She knows that Sagittarius strong enough luck and resources to ensure that she was not afraid of the troubles that can happen in life. A happy, confident Cancer - is a woman who makes happy and their loved ones.

She cares for vanity Sagittarius, respects him, tries to make everything in life was his dignity. Sagittarius loves to show off and be proud of - it would give him the opportunity, and he is proud to present the all-loving wife clever, well-groomed children and established way of life.