Cancer and Scorpio compatibility



Scorpio like external coldness, mystery and beauty of Cancer. Moreover, often Scorpio immediately noticed that the cold - only the outward manifestation of a certain shyness and timidity. Perhaps no one would understand a woman, Cancer, as a partner of the sign of Scorpio: he alone is able to instantly see her desire to be loved and valued.

Cancer-woman will not have to exert much effort to seduction Male Scorpio. The only thing that is required of her - not manipulate this man and do not try to imitate someone, do not strive to be like for someone who she is not.

They have excellent compatibility in sex: Scorpio feels the needs of Cancer. He knows that from time to time she needs to hear about love or receive small pleasures in the form of a bouquet of flowers or a beautiful pendant, or just have breakfast in bed.

Cancer and Scorpio for each other lovers, friends and associates. They - the two parts of one whole, they have identical interests, similar in character and temperament, and even disadvantages are the same.

Zodiac sign characteristics


In his home they find understanding and support. In this family, the important role played by children and family values - both spouses in adulthood like together to revise old, cherished albums.

The couple always agree. They have a lot in common, they are sensual and sensitive and prefer to show passion at home, not showing emotion in the presence of strangers. Both pretty jealous, but understand each other's feelings, so try not to give stalls reason for jealousy. On the part of the pair seems to be very calm, stable and prosperous, and only themselves Cancer and Scorpio are aware of the passion that boils between them.

They are few and easy to handle. Scorpio still chilly for cancer, and, though he evinces love mates because of that it is important to know what its like, but still doing it often enough, according to Cancer. Cancer and Scorpio also after quarrels withdrawal, close and experiencing insults in silence, which is better to avoid. Otherwise Cancer begins to doubt the feelings of the partner and would not know how to understand this indifference: just as hurt feelings or cooling?

For cancer better never show Scorpio its dependence on him: Male Scorpio appreciates his beloved secret that can not be fully unravel.

Thrift both signs can also bring the excess of routine and boredom in their lives. They should from time to time to relax and allow yourself to, for example, unplanned expenses for a romantic dinner.

Also parterres of these signs are often absorbed in each other and are closed in the "house", which is also better to avoid.