Сancer and Libra compatibility



Libra man loves beautiful, stylish, smart and self-confident women. He thinks too much and too often doubt, so in women looking for reliability and certainty. If you like this man - extortion shyness and go to him first. Libra-man not afraid of bold woman.

This person will enjoy your soft unobtrusive sense of humor, quiet manner of communication and lack of aggression. You, in turn, will attract its charm, romance, optimism and openness.

Very good sexual compatibility: here there is sensual sex, full of romance, and cautious, but exciting experiments.

Zodiac sign characteristics


They are so different, and yet they are together. If the couple has overcome difficulties and learn to respect each other, not trying to re-educate, get quite harmonious and unusual alliance, full of romance. Libra man always knows how to please his partner, he spoils her with flowers, chocolates, tickets to the concert - the fact that he considers pleasant and decent gifts. Balance with respect for the freedom of the partner and the same freedom for themselves require. Cancer perfect pair can let a loved one, not tormented by jealousy, and trusting him and is at the time of separation, what to do.

The couple beautiful house, where Libra is good to be back. Although during obustraivaniya had problems: male Libra, undoubtedly, first of all wanted the latest plasma panel and expensive audio system, and a female Cancer considers such waste.

Interests in Cancer and Libra are often different, so the home for the couple - something like a safe haven, where they only have a little romance, humor and rest from the bustle of the outside world. Perhaps a couple of successful "Cancer-Libra" appropriately be compared with all the evening by the fireplace: cozy, warm and romantic.