Cancer and Virgo compatibility




Female Cancer charm Virgin tenderness and femininity. Man Deva at heart are not confident, shy, does not like publicity and does not believe that he can get a real fairytale princess - dreamy, sensitive and caring. Cancer should not use bright makeup, sexy clothes and catchy causing manners when she became interested in the Virgin. This man chooses himself to become a woman - a calm, quiet and not too active. What will be his delight when he finds in it the features that make it a fairy of dreams: tender, sensitive and romantic.

Therefore, for cancer do not need to hide their nature a vulnerable and defenseless. Even if a woman Cancer well settled in life (and it is, for example, knows how to handle money and equip your life), it should show the Virgin that needs moral support and protection. Male Virgo will wear it on your hands and protect from problems.

Zodiac sign characteristics


This lovely, quiet, quiet people. They do not like being the center of attention, both cautious and fearful, so avoid questionable, risky and simply brilliant ploys. Sometimes both can be hysterical and revengeful, with relatives are famous for the fact that they are able to show their character, defiantly taking offense at someone or each other. Both love to be pitied. That is the part that is not a perfect match, but the two of them it fits perfectly.

Virgo in the relationship not only receives care (he himself takes good care of relatives), but also fresh feeling, romance, a break from reality (and safe romance that does not require any action). Cancer Virgo feels like her, I understand, but more practical and reliable person, and understands that this protection for her enough to feel relaxed.

If they have a common way of life, then over time they become prosperous. For the great wealth they lack scope, but to work and they know how to save.