Cancer and Leo compatibility



Young Lions, who have not yet thought about the family, Cancers are best avoided. Leo will enjoy this course, the susceptibility and emotional Cancer, but he does not appreciate her thrift, diligence and fidelity. But when Leo starts to think about the strong relationship and shared way of life, he will not find anyone better for himself Cancer.

The most powerful weapon in the fight for Cancer Leo - her femininity. Leo pulls a royal, bright women, but the energy it complements woman soft and gentle, modest and poetic. Therefore, it will pull to Concer, even until he gives himself in this report. He even physically will be better next to it, it will be filled with energy and good mood.

Sexual harmony will also strengthen the couple. Sex with a female Cancer filled with not only the passions and pleasures of the body, to which Leo indifferent, but also feelings. This will be a magnet for it, constantly attracting to cancer.

Zodiac sign characteristics


In an ideal pair of Leo and Cancer everyone can realize their best features. Leo - a real man: confident, strong, generous and cheerful. Cancer - a true woman: soft, gentle and mysterious. Even if their characters, education and views do not coincide, they are easy to adapt to each other, because to do so they just need to be themselves.

From a distance they look very romantic. Although their love is not everything in life everyone has the envious, and Leo and Cancer impression very much prosperous and happy couple.

They are all well and at home. Leo often making great posts or glory. It could not be, because the partnership with Cancer brings all his good traits to the maximum and held Leo - a man out of the competition in all areas. A careful thrift Cancer retains acquired wealth and creates a comfortable life.

Children they usually have a little one-two. They are well educated and know how from childhood to build relationships with people.