Cancer and Cancer compatibility



Male Cancer will be fascinated by finding a soul mate in a woman. They will agree with each other in everything. Both do not like noise, appreciate tenderness and care, the man knows his duties in the family, and a woman - his own. Male Cancer is ready to take care of his beloved dating from the early days, but the woman does not hide feelings, gentle and kind to him. Important features of a woman for a man-Cancer - tenderness, delicacy and affection.

Cancer Show that you're not a fan of get-togethers and parties that you appreciate home and parents like to create a cosiness. He does not like women, leading an open life too. Close he will converge only "home" woman.

Plays an important role lovely sexual compatibility. Both Cancer sensitive to them, sex is closely linked with emotions, they are gentle and caring. Externally female Cancer is always attractive to men and vaguely reminiscent of his mother, even if they have a different type of appearance.

They are rarely in large companies, they like to spend time together or with relatives. They unsociable with strangers, and may seem beeches. They simply do not need to be disclosed to someone to find your soul mate - they've found it in each other.

If we talk about a couple living together, a man is sitting at home, and becomes earner and the woman provides comfort. This is a huge plus for men - with a stronger and domineering woman, he could become a couch home, and its Rakin he cares responsibly.

Both are very attached to the house. Despite the fact that both the man and woman to feel like children and require care partner, they love children and make good parents. In these families, large families - are not uncommon.

When the couple only meets their amazing rapport with any questions - from where to relax and how to spend money, to philosophical and ideological principles.