Cancer and Gemini compatibility



The part to determine whether a couple is ideal Cancer and Gemini can be only one basis - these people are happy and satisfied with their lives. Because everything else can be very different from pair to pair.

Some build a relationship where the extrovert-Twins live their lives and introvert-Cancer creates his rear. In this case, the Twins admire economic and gentle woman, but do not understand it, and not special interests. Cancer of a pair of twins appreciates what can realize its feminine care about someone, stay home, or emotional support. Gemini affairs in the external world and the nature of cancer, too little interested. These pairs are ideal for their durability.

Other couples in love, Gemini throw the full force of intelligence on what to see their favorite, they capture her inner world. Cancer in general literally "grows" in the partner can not imagine life without the second "half". These pairs are ideal that the people in them are incredibly close.

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When the first spell of love cease, Gemini and Cancer see that do not understand each other. Gemini is difficult with the vagaries and silent resentment of Cancer, they either can not understand what happened or did not notice the problem. In this case, trying to convey to Cancer Gemini problem, but says something this woman in his own language - the language of emotion, and, in the opinion of Gemini, begins even more capricious and hysteria.

Cancer offends active social life Gemini. She wants him to be more careful and more often stayed with her. She wants to share with her dream man, telling him about the experiences, wants to accept all the tenderness and care that she is able to give - but instead Gemini constantly busy with something and too careless.

But when the rational Gemini or Cancer sensitive to your loved one try to explain their needs, they do not find adequate language, one that can be understood by the partner.