Сancer and Тaurus compatibility



Stable and strong relationships cozy house - someone thought it would be boring, but the Cancer and Taurus will be happy in his "Paradise for two." Taurus - one of the best partners for women of Cancer. If a woman does not want children cancer or formalized relationship, then this man she changed his mind: Taurus - the same stone wall that will reliably protect her from the stress and uncertainty about the future.

The motto of the Union - strength. These people like to be with each other, they like to come home. Often, women and men of Cancer-Taurus is not only a beautiful home, but also beautiful children.

This couple having fun saving money, happy to save or resting on the sea, is planning a joint future - in the eyes of others, they are always together and always absorbed in something jointly.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Complexities bit. Home - emotional instability and tendency Cancer representatives of this sign of the zodiac to the dramatization or heighten the situation. Taurus - earth sign, so it is difficult to understand the female members of hints, implications and mood swings. This, in turn, can hurt a woman's great-cancer, which, with her characteristic introversion, remember this offense will keep it and to experience again and again, while the male Taurus does not realize what he had done or said that -That's not.

Occasionally, there are cases when a man Taurus woman can start counting-Cancer their property and treat it as a given when that really loves her. Of course, such an attitude to his cancer going through a particularly difficult.

Insidious pitfall of this relationship - isolation in his "world for two." What good could one day turn into boredom at best, and at worst - a tragedy.