Cancer and Аries compatibility



Couple has overcome all the difficulties, is a model of classical traditional couples: husband earns money, the wife brings comfort of home. Very well, if the income Aries high - Cancers are often worried about the financial situation and are afraid to remain without funds for a rainy day. Fine, if a woman is cancer-soft, intuitive, and will not immediately require directly from Aries to apply to the registrar, and patiently endure it short bursts of discontent than ever. This family - a real godsend for Aries, his house - a fortress, allowing for long rest from the constant struggle, but Raku often have a hard time, because subconsciously she is looking for peace and stability.

If so different between people having strong feelings, then over time they can become a harmonious complement each other: some time after the beginning of life together Aries man discovers that his fiancee is not as soft and weak as it seems at first glance. In this lies the strength of a woman, and if necessary, a female cancer can resist the pressure of his partner. That's good, because Aries is important to periodically receive similar shake-up and see next to each an equal partner. Cancer also burns their fears and complexes in the fire of Aries, and charged him with energy.

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This alliance is much harder for a woman. It should get rid of their complexes and shyness, to learn to exercise willpower and character, while remaining gentle and tactful.

Most often quarrel in a pair of "Cancer Aries" occur because of the money. Cancer unbearable to watch as huge sums are thrown to the wind sweeping gesture of Aries. Aries wants to live effectively, clearly and enjoy the moment of data, while the practical Cancer thinking about the future. It is important that a man well-earned: while female Cancer feels more secure. It is important to come to a compromise and not too much pressure on the Aries: you risk it seem boring boring, besides Aries hate coercion.

Thoughtful woman - Cancer can also play tricks on her and scare off Aries if he will take her excessive care, affection and care for the desire to bind and restrict his freedom.