Сancer and Рisces compatibility



Man-Fish dreams of love. At the same time it is practical in regard to the personal interests and willing to give up for the sake of feeling profitable alliance that would ensure his material well-being. It seems that combine these two needs can not be. But it seems just as long, until he met a woman-Cancer. It's sensitive, dreamy and understand Pisces. Emotions for it - is as important a part of life, as well as for fish. They are similar in nature, both are not aggressive, receptive and sensitive.

In addition, Rakini is something that is lacking Pisces: a practical streak. It is reasonable in the household and financial matters. Fish will certainly appreciate it.

And still a good tool for the conquest of Pisces is sexual compatibility of couples. They fit together perfectly, in the intimate sphere they have a lot of tenderness and sincerity, and they never "stale" to each other.

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Сancer and Аquarius compatibility



Aquarians like selfless, not materialistic woman, open and friendly. Cancer, of course, can not be called the soul of the company, and practicality in her character is. But her daydreaming and imagination will make it in the eyes of Aquarius creature from another world. He will see it as a delicate fairy, far from pragmatism and calculation. I must say that Aquarians - not a very good psychologist, so they will always see this cancer (if only they had not had a stroke of insight, which is typical for Aquarius - and not just in the private sphere).

Need to pay much attention to their appearance. Aquarius is able to love, taking the appearance of a reflection of character. And whether you want to open before the Aquarius soul? Male Aquarians are selfish. They want to give the benefit of the world, but rather indifferent to close. A woman should make sure the moral qualities of Aquarius and then trust him completely. Otherwise, it will use its concern "brazen", in fact, making it a housekeeper. But if Aquarius genuinely kind and noble, Cancer, with its help, moral support and even pragmatism money will be his real support.

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Сancer and Сapricorn compatibility



Capricorns are reasonable men in love and choosing a companion is not the heart and mind. And the younger the Capricorn, the tighter it in their preferences, and with age they have a longer proportion of recklessness and the desire for pleasure. Therefore, the younger the woman, vending Cancer man, the greater her chances to win it. After all, it's not like a vamp or a charming doll, which can pull Capricorn middle age. But when Capricorn appreciates companion mind, he is interested in a gentle, modest and sensitive woman who is patient with a soft sweetheart, a good hostess, reliable wife and caring mother.

All of these social roles are natural for women of Cancer. She is gentle and sensitive, caring and loves homepage quiet life. She wants her man cared for her and in turn give him warmth and love. Rakin win Capricorn character, attention to their needs, quiet diligence, and to secure the interest of Capricorn, stands often invite him to her that he appreciated the comfort that she is able to create.

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Сancer and Sagittarius compatibility



The woman-Cancer There are two ways of winning Sagittarius. The choice depends on the type of Archer before it.

If she fell in love with the Sagittarius-sybarite, Sagittarius, loves success, enjoyment and ranks in the one who is generous, a few hamovat and unceremoniously, then it is better to bet on visual appeal. Sagittarians are partial to female beauty and Cancer - very feminine sign. He bestows female charm, mystery and tenderness.

If before the Cancer Sagittarius philosopher, Sagittarius, seeking truth and living by ethical or philosophical principles, he will perceive cancer as a child, which should be taught wits. Almost childlike purity and vulnerability Rakini cause him a desire to care for her, protect and nurture it.

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Cancer and Scorpio compatibility



Scorpio like external coldness, mystery and beauty of Cancer. Moreover, often Scorpio immediately noticed that the cold - only the outward manifestation of a certain shyness and timidity. Perhaps no one would understand a woman, Cancer, as a partner of the sign of Scorpio: he alone is able to instantly see her desire to be loved and valued.

Cancer-woman will not have to exert much effort to seduction Male Scorpio. The only thing that is required of her - not manipulate this man and do not try to imitate someone, do not strive to be like for someone who she is not.

They have excellent compatibility in sex: Scorpio feels the needs of Cancer. He knows that from time to time she needs to hear about love or receive small pleasures in the form of a bouquet of flowers or a beautiful pendant, or just have breakfast in bed.

Cancer and Scorpio for each other lovers, friends and associates. They - the two parts of one whole, they have identical interests, similar in character and temperament, and even disadvantages are the same.

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Сancer and Libra compatibility



Libra man loves beautiful, stylish, smart and self-confident women. He thinks too much and too often doubt, so in women looking for reliability and certainty. If you like this man - extortion shyness and go to him first. Libra-man not afraid of bold woman.

This person will enjoy your soft unobtrusive sense of humor, quiet manner of communication and lack of aggression. You, in turn, will attract its charm, romance, optimism and openness.

Very good sexual compatibility: here there is sensual sex, full of romance, and cautious, but exciting experiments.

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Cancer and Virgo compatibility




Female Cancer charm Virgin tenderness and femininity. Man Deva at heart are not confident, shy, does not like publicity and does not believe that he can get a real fairytale princess - dreamy, sensitive and caring. Cancer should not use bright makeup, sexy clothes and catchy causing manners when she became interested in the Virgin. This man chooses himself to become a woman - a calm, quiet and not too active. What will be his delight when he finds in it the features that make it a fairy of dreams: tender, sensitive and romantic.

Therefore, for cancer do not need to hide their nature a vulnerable and defenseless. Even if a woman Cancer well settled in life (and it is, for example, knows how to handle money and equip your life), it should show the Virgin that needs moral support and protection. Male Virgo will wear it on your hands and protect from problems.

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Cancer and Leo compatibility



Young Lions, who have not yet thought about the family, Cancers are best avoided. Leo will enjoy this course, the susceptibility and emotional Cancer, but he does not appreciate her thrift, diligence and fidelity. But when Leo starts to think about the strong relationship and shared way of life, he will not find anyone better for himself Cancer.

The most powerful weapon in the fight for Cancer Leo - her femininity. Leo pulls a royal, bright women, but the energy it complements woman soft and gentle, modest and poetic. Therefore, it will pull to Concer, even until he gives himself in this report. He even physically will be better next to it, it will be filled with energy and good mood.

Sexual harmony will also strengthen the couple. Sex with a female Cancer filled with not only the passions and pleasures of the body, to which Leo indifferent, but also feelings. This will be a magnet for it, constantly attracting to cancer.

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Cancer and Cancer compatibility



Male Cancer will be fascinated by finding a soul mate in a woman. They will agree with each other in everything. Both do not like noise, appreciate tenderness and care, the man knows his duties in the family, and a woman - his own. Male Cancer is ready to take care of his beloved dating from the early days, but the woman does not hide feelings, gentle and kind to him. Important features of a woman for a man-Cancer - tenderness, delicacy and affection.

Cancer Show that you're not a fan of get-togethers and parties that you appreciate home and parents like to create a cosiness. He does not like women, leading an open life too. Close he will converge only "home" woman.

Plays an important role lovely sexual compatibility. Both Cancer sensitive to them, sex is closely linked with emotions, they are gentle and caring. Externally female Cancer is always attractive to men and vaguely reminiscent of his mother, even if they have a different type of appearance.

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Cancer and Gemini compatibility



The part to determine whether a couple is ideal Cancer and Gemini can be only one basis - these people are happy and satisfied with their lives. Because everything else can be very different from pair to pair.

Some build a relationship where the extrovert-Twins live their lives and introvert-Cancer creates his rear. In this case, the Twins admire economic and gentle woman, but do not understand it, and not special interests. Cancer of a pair of twins appreciates what can realize its feminine care about someone, stay home, or emotional support. Gemini affairs in the external world and the nature of cancer, too little interested. These pairs are ideal for their durability.

Other couples in love, Gemini throw the full force of intelligence on what to see their favorite, they capture her inner world. Cancer in general literally "grows" in the partner can not imagine life without the second "half". These pairs are ideal that the people in them are incredibly close.

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Сancer and Тaurus compatibility



Stable and strong relationships cozy house - someone thought it would be boring, but the Cancer and Taurus will be happy in his "Paradise for two." Taurus - one of the best partners for women of Cancer. If a woman does not want children cancer or formalized relationship, then this man she changed his mind: Taurus - the same stone wall that will reliably protect her from the stress and uncertainty about the future.

The motto of the Union - strength. These people like to be with each other, they like to come home. Often, women and men of Cancer-Taurus is not only a beautiful home, but also beautiful children.

This couple having fun saving money, happy to save or resting on the sea, is planning a joint future - in the eyes of others, they are always together and always absorbed in something jointly.

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Cancer and Аries compatibility



Couple has overcome all the difficulties, is a model of classical traditional couples: husband earns money, the wife brings comfort of home. Very well, if the income Aries high - Cancers are often worried about the financial situation and are afraid to remain without funds for a rainy day. Fine, if a woman is cancer-soft, intuitive, and will not immediately require directly from Aries to apply to the registrar, and patiently endure it short bursts of discontent than ever. This family - a real godsend for Aries, his house - a fortress, allowing for long rest from the constant struggle, but Raku often have a hard time, because subconsciously she is looking for peace and stability.

If so different between people having strong feelings, then over time they can become a harmonious complement each other: some time after the beginning of life together Aries man discovers that his fiancee is not as soft and weak as it seems at first glance. In this lies the strength of a woman, and if necessary, a female cancer can resist the pressure of his partner. That's good, because Aries is important to periodically receive similar shake-up and see next to each an equal partner. Cancer also burns their fears and complexes in the fire of Aries, and charged him with energy.

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