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Fate: Born Aug. 21 are contradictory and persistent. They take in all decisions on their own, do not depend on the views of others, are born leaders and innovators. Their ambition is evident, however, they prefer to devote themselves to creative or sporting career. It is born writers, actors, politicians, the military, athletes. Their whole life depends on the capacity, which has given their fate. If a person is born on August 21 will be able to intelligently take advantage of this gift and increase it, he will be able to achieve great heights. The main thing for those born on this day - never give up, follow to achieve their goals, then life will flow in the fullest wealth and prosperity. If a person gives up and will not bring the case before the end of his life's journey be glad to disappointment and adversity. Unable to reach anything to adulthood, born on August 21 could fall into a deep depression and lose all interest in life.

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Mystery birthday: Those who were born on August 21 have a secretive nature. They do not like too much attention to themselves from and try not to let anyone into his inner world, especially when it comes compulsively. Many of those who were born on this day, believe that to show their true feelings is not, nor should be fully disclosed to the people. But fate does everything in his own way, so it will for these people so often become the center of attention, achieving an impressive position.

When born August 21, in spite of his inner desires, do not become involved in their business, ignoring the creative impulses of their souls, they can feel very uncomfortable, as though out of place that can amplify the lack of self-esteem. At the same time attempts to retire from the society do not give a positive result, people are more and more trying to get into a life closed in its shell renegade. But even if it is possible to retire from this annoying crowd for a few weeks, they again miss the community and return to it with new hopes for a better future, realizing the inadequacy of such a venture. So the best way for a man who was born on this day will be the one who can reveal his talents and will be endowed with a passion for action.

Those born on this day also did not accept the authority, for them there is no difference between superior and subordinate, between a man of high society and the poor, all that matters to them - that's what a man himself, and how wide his inner world. They pity those who do not fit into the standards of society, and deeply felt human imperfection. That is why people born on August 21 will never depend on the opinions of others, wearing a mask and a hermit individualist.

They rarely be forced to do the first step, but to meet them, and not against it. It should be understood that the external indifference of these people hide deep sensual nature that can not trust everyone you meet. Those who will be able to reveal their inner world will realize that in fact the essence of these people is much broader primitive mundane needs of most individuals. They have much more desire for something, the search for the unknown and better.

Create a family for those born August 21 - a very important step, which hides the fear of being dependent on another person. They honestly admit that strongly value freedom and do not want to be bound by the opinion of someone, even if it is a loved one. If the partner can give the degree of freedom, the union will be long-lasting. Those born on August 21 is very sensual and tender, they are not alien to bodily pleasures, they love to sink into the abyss of passions. The intimate sphere for them there is nothing forbidden, so they often attract partners notorious own limitations, precisely in order to help get rid of them, forget about social conventions.

Health: Born August 21, as a rule, are in good health, and as members of their family, they are treated with full attention, giving them every assistance, it turns out that the whole family has good health and internal quenching. However, if born on this day are too susceptible to failure, taking all the money problems to heart and worrying about the welfare of the family (because these issues can bring them to the stress), they can earn a good bunch of diseases ranging from chronic fatigue ending with a stomach ulcer. Fortunately, common sense always on guard for their health, so the first "bell" born August 21 will take decisive measures to relief of problems related to their own health. At the same time, these individuals are skeptical about how to all kinds of types of alternative medicine, as well as to self, so always follow the advice of competent doctors and honor the achievements of modern medicine. However, they should understand that it is the treatment of folk remedies will bring them great benefit because they're very susceptible to all kinds of medicinal herbs and infusions.

Tip: If you were born on August 21, will be able to find a balance between social traditions and family values is not fenced off from the first, and without ignoring the latter, they will be very happy and will be internally feel need in this world. You should try to be more open and not alienate those who want to help, to try to have more trust in people. Do not try to prove yourself to the contrary, it will only lead to isolation and, as a consequence, to depression.

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