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Fate: It is the day of birth of people with contradictory character. They aggression combined with the nobility, and incontinence, temper - with patience. Their unpredictability often prevents them from life. People avoid dealing with them, considering them unreliable partners, who are able to take at any time. In the financial field they will alternate with the ups downs. In their personal lives can also cause problems because of their excessive autonomy and disloyalty.

The mystery of the birth: Born August 18 is surprisingly easy to overcome even the really serious problems. But in spite of a happy and successful life, they often have great difficulties arise, as if to once again test their strength. As nature definitely emotional, born on this day going through the vicissitudes of life and deeper trouble than most others. However, usually it does not make them unhappy. They actually believe that the path to perfection is never easy, so some progress in this direction can only be sequential acquisition of experience, and negative as well.

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No most passionate discussion not convince them the possibility of a real substitute to practical experience. Contrary to all life collisions are fighting for the right of existence of his own point of view on life. And though it may be a difficult task, but it is quite feasible for people who were born on this day. Often the problems they face arise when involuntary assistance of people who are constantly around them in everyday life, from the spouse and children up to the nearest store seller. However, if the others are simply annoying others with dignity apparent inability to cope with their tasks, the birth 18 August to respond to the situation differently. They will try to take all measures likely to help a person who has got into difficulties, the necessary assistance.

This group tends to consider the problems that arise as a step to make further progress towards the intended target. However, one of these problems, it usually takes in their lives center stage and becomes often long and sometimes irreconcilable confrontation. But basically born on this day endure numerous hardships and difficulties that would break the other, less resistant individuals. Though their battles no end in sight, according to the happiness of the people is the heroic is in wrestling.

Born August 18 do not like to complain, they hate to even think that someone would take their sufferers or martyrs. They meet with dignity the blows and try to solve problems as they arise. The world, unfortunately, not only justifies their best expectations, but over the years makes thoroughly reconsider their place in it. However, in their opinion, it does not give reason to complain to the first comer; where better to gather strength and to combat adverse circumstances. These people - not the pessimists and the optimists, they are not open and reserved people - they are simply realists who are trying to first of all see things for what they really are, and try at the same time learn from the current situation the maximum benefit. With all this one thing is for sure - born August 18 here for the long haul, it is difficult to knock out of the saddle, even if their life is like longer survival.

Health: Born August 18 careful enough to take care of their health and maintain it in good condition. Due to the fact that they are treated with great respect for personal experience, they are always more attentive to the advice of friends and acquaintances than to knowledge gleaned from books. Unfortunately, they are usually too busy to devote sufficient time to health. Due to the fact that they are too demanding to themselves and they often have to deal simultaneously with a number of problems in their daily routine, be sure to include regular daily rest. If they want their motor to operate smoothly throughout your life, you must first establish a healthy night's sleep. It is for these holidays - it is not a luxury but a necessity. In addition, if they do not want to leave the race before the time, they need to comply with a balanced diet with a minimum of sugar and meat, as well as reasonable to choose cereals and vegetables.

Tip: Do not go in too deep. Pain - is not always necessary, and overcome - not the only path to prosperity. Enjoy. Learn to rest, relax and enjoy the publication.

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