Birthday August  17  horoscope



Fate: This day brings the world of hard-working and humble people who have an easy character. They can be happy, if learn how to deal with difficulties, but, unfortunately, they often hesitate at the crucial time of the adoption of certain decisions. Accordingly, because of this they lose a huge amount of great opportunities. They must learn to be more confident in themselves and their abilities, as well as to take responsibility when necessary. Otherwise, each time losing luck, they will have a lifetime deal with difficult and thankless task.

Mystery birthday: People born on August 17 differ extremely impulsive and explosive character. They seemed to have absorbed part of the power that was given to those who came before, but, unlike them, they are really thinking about how to lead their lives. Despite this, the basis of their desire for power and control is a robust earthiness, in some cases able to extinguish their incredible energy that is downright beats over the edges. Those who came that day, so accustomed to manage even the most insignificant little things that have extremely negative attitude to any hint of disobedience on the part of others, and it does not matter from whom it was - relatives, colleagues or friends.

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Unfortunately, people can naturally get tired of this totalitarian regime, setting up the most real riots, causing born August 17 may be on the verge of a nervous breakdown, after which they require rehabilitation in a fully isolated from the public site. But, as surprising as it may sound, people appeared on this day, able to demonstrate a rather calm and even inclined to solitude in nature. In addition, they often have a strong need for the protection of his private life from destructive views nearby, eternally idle public.

When it does not apply to social events or work, they prefer to be alone. Despite this, some of them can sometimes show a real interest in communicating with other people, but they do not want to waste their energies on too large audiences. They have a certain sphere of birth and refinement and have great fun seeing how popular other. However, they prefer to communicate more with the people who are looking for a closer contact with them, not at arm's length. These individuals love to argue, thus, if they are wrong, you still continue to defend the false truth.

They may suffer, may regret his excessive fervor, but will never ask for forgiveness to those who have become witting or unwitting victims of their impulsiveness. Their friends are trying to understand and accept this fact, forgiving them, but sometimes it happens that they fully exhaust their patience with his friends, who was born on August 17. Most of the problems of individuals who were born in this day, can be explained by the fact that his vehemence they try to get rid of the inferiority complex, which begins to develop them in childhood. When they occur puberty, often begin difficulties in understanding with someone of the parents (usually of the same sex), they can love and hate at the same time. In addition, they completely lack the ability to analyze what is happening around, whereby they can put their hands into the time constraints. But they should remember that the decision of complex situations, of course, entail a most valuable experience that can be useful in the future.

The main task of these individuals is usually the ability to calm the light breeze even before it becomes a hurricane. If they learn to keep their emotions under control, you will not only know yourself, but also applied his many talents, which were laid in them long before their birth.

Health: The biggest danger to health, which lies in wait for these people is to diseases caused by repressed aggression. If the people who were born on this day, do not learn to deal with his temper, they may get a stomach ulcer, or even the most malignant tumors of various kinds. These people, it is desirable to engage in all activities that are open for them the world - a meal in good company, group exercise, social activity of all kinds. If you start to notice the first signs of depression (which is the result of suppressed anger attacks), you need to react to it as soon as possible. It should be remembered that the medical treatment in this case is not recommended.

Tip: Try to limit their excessive activity in situations where it is required. Downtime in a particular sphere of life, it is desirable to use as a great opportunity, from examining their personal abilities and talents. Just try to know himself and his life. You can watch some moments in their daily lives, learning to distinguish between the early signs of destructive fury. Learn to take life easier, not the focus on negative events alone. Thanks to this you can improve your relationships with people, and to maintain their health.

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