Birthday August  16  horoscope



Fate: On this day there are people who by nature endowed with an incredible vitality, energy, longevity, good health. They have the courage, independence, own opinion, while not neglecting the advice of others. Ability to not only listen, but also to hear, almost always taking the right decisions. These people are confident, hard-working, committed and honest. They have developed intuition that helps them in the future to avoid many mistakes.

These people love and treat them with great respect. They have a sufficient number of friends and high patrons, thanks to which their life becomes interesting, filled with happiness, success and good luck. His family, they are always surrounded by attention, love and care, building them lovely and warm relations. In these families, there is always a complete atmosphere of mutual understanding. In the financial sector, they are able to reach certain heights and success. They make excellent business people, scientists and politicians.

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Mystery birthday: People born on August 16 can be called a real sensualist who know how to achieve the desired, without making virtually no rash acts. Almost all of what they are doing, different sense of proportion, so that the surrounding willingly go with them on contact. People born on this day, experiencing a genuine interest in various forms of sensory symptoms, which include and sexual pleasure. Due to the guiding faces of his personality it is often difficult to accept someone else's point of view. In conflict situations, they try to win at any cost, even if it means destroying your enemy, or the enemy.

These people have very clearly expressed the desire to concentrate the available power within its influence. In those moments when born August 16 begin to show themselves, they forget about all of the existing boundaries of decency. They differ naturally in their demeanor, never hiding his true emotions. The silence is unbearable for them, so they need their own audience. Despite the fact that these are considered hypersensitive nature, they are really pretty thick-skinned, so easily able to resist any kinds of attacks - both physical and emotional. With the same ease they can crush all those who treat them with malevolence. As a result, sometimes it turns out that revenge has become a major cause of many of their actions.

If you were born on August 16, will prefer to go for a negative way, they risk to fall victim to its own destructive power. People who were born on this day, is not peculiar consistency - they then light up any idea, then cool. Unfortunately, the constant search for new experiences can bring personality to the extreme, or even distort it. The greatest danger for those born in that time is the loss of ability to enjoy simple pleasures, or things that are a little at odds with the conventions. For this reason, they may gradually lose all contact with their family and friends.

Despite the fact that their behavior is characterized by antisocial tendencies, they are able to easily find that unique niche in which their talents will be beneficial to society or the circle, where they rotate. Those born on this day have the ability and interest in leadership, but is unlikely to be torn to the relevant posts, because they do not feel the desire to be responsible for numerous groups of people. Their priority is not the control and domination, but rather, incitement and seduction.

Health: People born on August 16 are particularly addiction to various forms of compulsive behavior. For this reason, they need to beware of uncontrolled abuse in sexual relations, as well as drinking and eating. In addition, it is necessary to reduce the search for thrills, since their very fragile psychological stability at risk of being destroyed by high energy and excessive sensuality. Those born on this day, hard to stick to a measured way of life, which, in their opinion, is routine and monotonous. They are encouraged to thoroughly review their existing habits. Through regular exercise and natural food have the opportunity to get rid of many problems.

Tip: Learn how to transform your power to use it as energy in dealing with daily affairs. Try to be tolerant to your enemies and try to put more energy into the development of his inner spiritual life.

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