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Fate: In this day there are good-natured and hard-working people, of whom say "Born under a lucky star." They are just and loyal friends who will always be there. The only thing that is worth noting - if they help other people, you should be aware of their interests, their assistance does not send them to the detriment of the same.

Mystery birthday: People born on August 15 are excellent leaders from the very birth. Thanks to its own approach to life, do not let arrogance, avarice, or routine, they are suitable to each case with a truly royal touch. Those born on this day, prefer to focus on the most important things, not the details. The most important goal for them is the giving to the world a noble and regal countenance, to accomplish what they may go to great lengths.

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These people are often led by social or business groups or family clan as feel just fine, solving important problems. However, many of them are not even aware of their royal inclinations, whereas for others they can be seen very well. Women who were born on this day, surround themselves with care and honors. Their house is a palace, a husband - king, and the children - princes and princesses. Men who were born on this day, have excellent managerial skills, so they must be obeyed without any issues. However, despite the fact that they differ pronounced the ruling power, they have a sufficient stock of respect and tact, to listen to his companion, and perhaps even take his point of view, if it really deserves.

Warmth and kindness are not common traits of people born on this day, but they should at least to some extent encouraged. At the same time such individuals in any case can not be considered cruel or unmerciful people - just their enormous strength and energy are capable of sweeping away everything in its path, of course, crushing all who would be on it. Born August 15 difficulty controlling their emotions, which is why often fall into such a situation, which can then be sorry for very long. They need to learn to be patient and understanding with respect to the others, so that all the problems themselves will go to "no."

Those or other expectations can not always be justified. Due to the fact that any attempt to limit their independent style can come across a stubborn resistance, approach them should be carefully and tactfully. These people are different sentimentality and love for the various manifestations of affection and admiration. As a rule, Lioness and Leo are happy together, finding each other good emotional nourishment.

Health: Expansive behavior of people born Aug. 15, to some extent reflected in their preferences for gourmet food. Because of the strong passions tasty, but not too useful food may begin a health problem. The predominance in the diet of fat and sweets can become a cause of not only obesity, but also violations of the cardiovascular activity. In this situation one way out - you need to take control of your diet. In addition, it is desirable to do physical exercise - aerobics or horse riding. Also a big plus will be regular sexual relations.

Tip: Remember that it is impossible to be absolutely the first in all things. It is necessary to guard against uncontrolled desire to delight and control. It should listen carefully to what other people say.

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