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Fate: The day the world presents outstanding personalities who have the gift of persuasion, the special charm and eloquence. If they can send data at birth talents to develop their spirituality, they will live their lives in compliance with God's commandments, then sooner or later achieved success and prosperity. If they served pride, and will not follow the moral law, spreading evil people around them, their life will be joyless and unhappy.

The mystery of the birth: Born August 14 can accurately reflect the diversity of the human soul. In most cases, these men are divided into two types. The first is characterized features inherent to a particular age - strengths and weaknesses, style and philosophy. Typically, these individuals have special ideas about their unusual abilities, so do not feel any need for someone else's opinion on this matter.

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The second type includes people who are willing to expose all kinds of shortcomings of this world, it does not matter - in society as a whole or in any particular range. Such individuals often hold important public positions, almost always in the role of teachers or principals. At the same time, in fact, they do not feel a strong need for domination over people, or an effort to manage subordinate. However, as strange as it may sound, most of those born on August 14 while on these positions are out of competition, will present the role of leaders. Two areas on which to reflect like people born on August 14 - own integrity and the question of course of human existence, as well as the ephemeral nature of the experience gained by civilization.

People born on August 14 under the category of the surrounding analysts tend to understand the importance of the presence of humor in the transmission of any of his thoughts, so that any ironic, silly or awkward aspect of human social life is completely unable to escape from the discriminating eye. Imagine a time in the form of a mirror for the surrounding people (friends, family, colleagues, or simply the public), they allow each of them to see themselves that way, as it is in reality. In some cases, these individuals, in order to attract attention to himself or to demonstrate their point of view, are able to go for exaggeration and even grotesque. Most people, seeing their side of irreverence, might be offended, to experience elation or even laugh, but all clearly understand that now expressed something special and profound.

Based on the above, born on this day, would do well to once again take a look at ourselves and see whether they fit one or other course of action. Those people who are not going on to the commentators, and reflectors to the state of the human soul, hardly able to hide their true feelings. They can not hide existing problems or errors, which in the future necessarily reflected in the mirror. But given the fact that their efforts in this direction are quite obvious, they are quite likely to be clear about what other people are experiencing. Thus it turns out that the birth of August 14 not only able to win the sympathy of those in whose place they could put themselves, but also arouse the admiration of those who come to them for answers to certain questions.

This type of person may lack self-confidence, but they are, nevertheless, manage to keep pace with the times. In addition, they often enter into relationships with people who are a kind of reflection of their own "I". But they, unfortunately, is too developed the view that their partners just simply repeat their best and worst traits. Sometimes there are also individual, which dominate both characteristics.

Health: People born on August 14 should try to make maximum use of his understanding of human nature and the time to pick the most appropriate healthy way of life. Due to the unbalanced diet and abuse of tobacco, alcohol and drugs could be in trouble with the circulatory system and heart. As part of the replacement program will be moderate exercise - dzhokking, walking, swimming, aerobics. In addition, the need to maintain a healthy appetite, giving an advantage in the diet of corn, whole wheat or germinated rice. It should limit the use of dairy products and meat increase the amount of fruits and vegetables.

Tip: You need to actively apply your existing psychological knowledge in matters relating to your own life. It requires careful to follow all the processes that take place within you. If you wish, you can actually change.

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