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Fate: This day gives humanity passionate and sensitive individuals, whose life is committed contradictions. They can do strange and weird things, they tend to lack of tact, causing some difficulties in life. From time to time there may be thoughts of suicide because of the constant need for love. These people have a high activity and mental energy. Can change your life for the better, if you send all your available talents and abilities for the benefit.

Mystery birthday: 13 number is not unfortunate, but, nevertheless, people who were born on this day, come in periodically during the life encounter with a very strange events in the struggle to be on top. Wanting to achieve their goals, born on August 13 can change the world. Maybe they were born so unusual, and they may become so as a result of a combination of circumstances, but who were born on this day are different pretty original outlook on life.

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Sometimes it seems that people born on this day may become despondent because of the huge number of challenges that stand in their way. But they, despite the fact that they can actually be depressed or feel completely beaten life can keep cool and cheerful disposition even in the most difficult situations. They are quite sensitive to criticism, tend to think of itself the worst, but the great secret of their uncertainty, remaining friendly, smiling and active personalities.
But do not be fooled into thinking that these people - ordinary simpletons who trust everyone. In fact, to begin to trust the person they can only long after dating - months or even years. Given the fact that they are somewhat surprising and unusual personality, which has its own small eccentricities, they prefer to deal with the same people, as simple and unremarkable people they evoke boredom. This day has a special power, which aims to fight against all forms of oppression and deprivation of individual liberty.
Despite the fact that the born August 13 different highly visible leadership skills they need to be able to control his authoritarian tendencies. Many people born on this day tend to danger, but not the one that is associated with the risk of injury, and to that which is associated with the victory over injustice. Their goal is to achieve the impossible, causing even the most timid person can indulge in the kind of life that ensures complete safety.
All people born on this day have the ability to long expectations that they want, in most cases, skillfully selecting the desired point for the application of firing. Unfortunately, sometimes that is obtained at the cost of enormous efforts, in fact, is not too valuable. If one of these individuals capable of understanding his originality and accept it, then they can not even feel the need to recognize the society and lay your life on a special, strange and incomprehensible to others the way.
Health: As a rule, born August 13, have their own ideas about what can harm or benefit to their health. These people adhere to traditional regulations with respect to sleep, trying to sleep at least 7 hours per day. This is for good reason - for those born August 13 lives in a dream, which is carried out at the level of the subconscious, is of particular importance, so they will protect her at any cost. When it comes to serious illnesses, they can easily cope with them, as they have the greatest experience in the fight against long odds.
Tip: Try to get the most out of all the things that have not letting obstacles get the better of you. It will be very good if you can find friends with the same attitude, like you. You need to control your anger and tyrannical tendencies. Try not to close to his inner world, while remaining trustworthy and open.

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