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Fate: Pets destiny - can be called born August 11, they can easily make their way through the thorns to the stars, success for them is natural and obvious, they go light step to victory. They are endowed with creativity, determination and stubbornness, and still always have their own way of seeing things and his own personal opinion. Early marriage will not bring the desired and lead to separation, at maturity the decision of marriage will be the beginning of a happy family life. Do not retreat, and rushing forward firmly and resolutely, they are able to reach new heights and become happy and prosperous. However, they should not forget about the boomerang effect - the data over capacity aimed at the evil turn misfortunes and failures, who are many, he is much more responsible.

Mystery birthday: Do you know the truth in the birth of August 11 is superior to all others, they seek to do so with all my heart. They are interesting and the dark side of life, are often not very pleasant for sensitive people. They lived confidence that their mission - to find, check and expose hypocrites hidden outcrop

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But not always the desire is reinforced by the real possibilities for the implementation of the conceived, they are helpless in this occupation. They can become fans, whistleblowers who have made proof of the truth and confirmation of a fixed idea, a matter of life or mania.

Development of personality, born on August 11, this process can turn into an exciting, positive activity, revealing his knowledge brethren. Weak person resign themselves to the bitter truth and show aggression antisocial acts. But they are able to correct, wrong, and realizing the error of his actions, thus coming to a higher spiritual level. They are given the opportunity in one go through the life cycle evolution of the individual.

Born August 11 are well versed in the characters of people, so they difficult to manipulate. Attitude to money - business, practical, they dispose of them properly and do not hide their methods of financial success. But emotional distress and personal life they confide a little, because they trust only your favorites. Some born August 11 at all excluded from the realm of the senses, the emotions, so they do not interfere with the path to success. Those born on this day are in need of a team and an audience ready to hear and understand their world and to the public was to demonstrate his unusual behavior.

Their knowledge should advertise and gain approval. If they play the role of critic of the review is to get the public and the publication of relevant discussions, athletes need to recognize their skills and strengths. Born August 11 live in search of respect, but that does not mean that someone else's approval prevails in life values. On the contrary, criticism and confrontation feed their vitality, strengthen the power and allow to move towards success. However, to avoid the acquisition of a large number of opponents to the negative attitude does not become a constant companion in their lives. They need to learn how to use your intuition is correct.

The family should avoid the central place in unpleasant circumstances and quarrels. Born August 11 can act as catalysts, creating contradictions in the social sphere, finding in it the use of its forces. Web aggressive behavior, arguments, fighting violence can entangle them in their entirety. But the highly intelligent person, born on August 11 can deftly maneuver his boiling, military power, using it to workers and creative projects, the main thing - that it does not spill over into his personal life. Age brings wisdom born on August 11, and taming the violence of feelings and "wild" energy.

Health: The conflicting nature born August 11 brings them to alertness to any potentially dangerous situation threatening accident. They should be careful to avoid causing harm to both ourselves and others. Meat and dairy products to energy "yang" should be consumed in moderation, but rather to reduce them to a minimum in your diet, you can replace them with cereal. For highly representative, born on this day, characterized by a penchant for psychological disorders and instability, so they need to avoid the dark sides of life research. Passive types, sooner or later have to come to their fighting potential and become aware of its power, which can be used for the benefit of, and conflicts may be the result of suppression of aggression dormant inside. Physical intimacy, sensuality and sexuality are very important for those born on August 11, but they should be in a relationship restraint and rationality.

Tip: Control your instincts, emotions and impulses. The truth is never easy, it can cause deep feelings, not just a valuable lesson. Do not forget about the directly proportional to your success with social skills and diplomatic skills. Pay attention to the development of inner qualities such as appreciation and understanding of another's position, views, do not neglect the small signs of personal attention.

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