Аries and aquarius compatibility




Aquarius respects outstanding personalities, he was not like "gray" people living on someone else's rules. In a female Aries he finds everything that fascinates him: strength of character, courage and bright personality. She draws him independence and strength of character. Aquarius and is not close to a different kind of women, so the ram from the first minute dating a very high chance to win Aquarius.

In addition, Aquarius does not tolerate when interfering in its affairs and infringe on his freedom. He - a supporter of life without externally imposed obligations, he appreciates the inner freedom and does not like to climb into his inner world. He needed privacy space. Aries woman is not imposed by itself is not too tied to the partner, it is self-sufficient and does not attempt to merge with a loved one in one.

Zodiac sign characteristics


It comes from her self-centeredness, its no more interested than she did. Not the most beautiful feature, but hardly Aquarius will be to understand, whence comes the ability to keep a distance of Aries, but appreciate it very much.

You can not ignore the strong physical attraction between Aries and Aquarius. Aquarius Aries woman sexually attracted to and consistent with its aesthetic criteria.

Aries and Aquarius are cheerful and sociable. They have many friends, even into adulthood, the couple not to fixate on the family, and the young couple rarely can be found at home, and even then only by guests. They no longer look not at each other, and in the same direction. They are interested in the world around us and the people. If someone has a pair of Great Goal (which is also characteristic of Aries and Aquarius), the second partner is very supportive and helps her in all possible ways.