Аries and capricorn compatibility



They are both successful in their field, have reached a certain height in the profession, they have a good income. Often the first such pair has a separate budget and finance unites only when it begins to be fully trusted financial partner instinct, or when the joint budget becomes more profitable. And Capricorn and Aries looks strong, energetic and self-confident, so surrounding this couple envy.

If using synastry look at the psychological component of the pair, it will be seen that the relationship held for tacit agreement on cooperation. Both held together not love, but a variety of reasons: a joint business or finance, and most importantly - everyone has a role, its place in the life of a partner, and not Aries or Capricorn do not want to look for this role, train and fit another person. In an ideal pair of Aries and Capricorn have a firm allocation of responsibilities for mutual benefit, and neither man nor woman transcends the "foreign" territory and area of responsibility. Therefore, in a pair of little love, but a lot of admiration for each other - because if the couple are still together, so everyone happy with how the partner does its part of the responsibilities.

Zodiac sign characteristics


In a relationship with Capricorn Aries constantly feels the pressure from his side. It will slow down her life to teach and criticize. It's hard to take the spontaneity of Aries and its unwillingness to calculate in advance the consequences of actions. She really often gets trapped by his own negligence, so much to criticize in Capricorn will be enough. But Aries - not the timid, she individualist and does not allow anyone to dictate to her how she should live. Because of this, a couple will be frequent quarrels, with Aries quarrel violently, it is sincere and open in his displeasure, and Capricorn torment her cold tediousness.

Perhaps this is the "dosed" distribution of forces and furious, and the money, and sex will irritate Aries most: she despises half measures and half-tones, and she does everything in full force. It can start counting his companion stingy, callous and emotionally hollow. At this stage of the relationship, most often, and end, because Aries will not be with a man who does not respect.