Аries and sagittarius compatibility



Aries woman and man Sagittarius is very fond of each other. Here there is complete understanding: they understand each other perfectly. These relationships - the union of two independent full-fledged personality, respect the interests and hobbies of each other. Their house is always fun, shelves lined with a variety of souvenirs brought from joint travel and weekend this couple certainly prefer to spend away from home, doing active sports, shopping or conduct carried away by controversy - in a word, with interest to spend time, not burdened each other's company .

Nobody entice Sagittarius idea as Aries, and no one will cause him such strong emotions. Their life together is comparable with life at the foot of an active volcano: one jerk, but is not it really so exciting and so unusual

Zodiac sign characteristics


Complexities arise when Aries begins to be jealous of his companion for life to all his many friends and acquaintances and try to control it. Bubbling and sparkling sense of Aries looks very vulnerable and tender on the inside, so Aries woman often wants to be the only Sun to elect to become the sole object of his care, but Sagittarius is often not able to concentrate all the senses on a single person.

Sagittarius is also in no hurry to legitimize the relationship, even if it is happy with everything. Men born under this zodiac sign will not tolerate any infringement of their freedom.