Аries and scorpio compatibility



Union soldier and Amazons. Surrounding the mere sight of them once it becomes clear: a pair. Even if they do not wear rings, Man Scorpio and Aries woman belong to each other so that they appear the two halves of a whole. They - one of those couples that end conflicts rough sex and beautiful reconciliation, where the husband brings his wife flowers for no reason, while his wife gives her husband of strength and energy, inspires him to advance through the ranks, driving nails into the wall and other household feats.

In relationships Scorpio and Aries have a mutual understanding and psychological harmony. They reinforce each other, mysteriously giving each other the depth and meaning, setting new goals. Aries woman here is a man who not only do not burn in the fire of her temperament, but it will be equal, and perhaps in some ways and surpass.

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Complexity in this union there when Aries woman begins to fight for the lead partner and indicate how he must act. Strong and self-confident, Scorpio can be regarded such behavior as a challenge to his authority, doubt that he properly perform his duties for men. In this case, Aries will have to withstand enormous pressure, because Scorpio is displeased with everything that makes him a woman.

Another stumbling block - jealousy. You can never give rise to jealousy Scorpio: Scorpio man has an incredibly good memory and your "flaws" will remember until old age.