Aries and taurus compatibility



For the calves need a special approach. His mesmerizing strong and temperamental Aries woman, he realizes that she can make his life brighter, dynamic and successful. Therefore, wear a mask to communicate with Taurus should not be the most attractive to him are your true character traits. Creative activity, determination, enthusiasm, be bold and direct. But avoid strong pressure towards Taurus, he does not like being pressured him or rushed. Therefore it is best to show its advantages in any case, a hobby or communicating with other people, allowing Taurus to be an observer.

Taurus can not be rushed, but at the same time we can not let him think twice: he could spend a lifetime, not daring to make a move. Here it is good to play "catch-up": Aries woman, whom he had already said in his thoughts, suddenly walks away or escapes. Fear of losing the stability in which Aries has in his life, outweigh the fear to take the plunge, and Taurus certainly recognized in love.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Another unifying motif will be a good sexual compatibility of couples - Taurus loves sex and in no way inferior to the temperament of Aries.

The complexity of Aries and Taurus to learn to leave each other's personal space. Aries woman keenly interested in all its concerns everything that happens around, sometimes it is insensitive and arrogant. A man Taurus - possessive and very jealous. Therefore, the couple often quarrel. Taurus does not like that woman too sociable, she has many friends that she pays much attention to things that are not related to the Taurus. And Aries annoying slowness of Taurus, she always tries to rouse him.