Aries and aries compatibility



On the part of the couple looks temperamental and activities. Like two Aries does not fit in with each other, ovenskuyu aggression and pressure not to hide, so between them occur periodically showdown. And do it quietly couple can not and others think that they have a lot more dissatisfaction with each other and struggle for leadership than it actually is.

In the horoscope of a woman sun symbolizes not only her own character traits, but also the image of her perfect halves, true partner, husband as a teacher, which helps to go through life and develop their character.

Zodiac sign characteristics


If a man is Aries strong, resolute, passion and sincerity, in a word, if he is able to become a teacher for women Aries, she gladly give him the lead in the family. In union with him, she gets a role model, defender and support. A male Aries, in turn, love, caressed, always in the first place, that it flatters ovensky egocentrism.

If both problematic Mars or the Sun, such Aries scandalous, aggressive and conflict. Their union - also in some way perfect, because everyone finds in it what he wanted - an external enemy with which to fight.