Aquarius and Pisces compatibility



Male Pisces dreamer and visionary. It is bad from what the real world needs attention, breaks into his dreams, destroys them. He will appreciate a woman who supports his imagination and inspires creativity. Aquarius is not commercialism, will not call on Fish "live like everyone else," she understands his spiritual aspirations. For the man-fish it - the muse. In addition, it is activity, is prepared to support, can take on communication with the outside world, allowing Pisces to dwell in his fantasies. She does not criticize, do not descend from heaven to earth, romantic, kind and patient. All these features - a reliable means to win Pisces.

Can not be discounted and visual appeal. Pisces men love only agree fantastic fairy. Aquarius woman endowed with subtle charm and appeal that really have little to do with the efforts of stylists and fashion designers. Pisces seems that it came from another world - this unusual and charming.

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Among the happy couples Pisces and Aquarius do not meet those who stand out from the surrounding wealth or social status. Even lovers of money Fish in a perfect marriage with Aquarius resigns himself to the fact that there is no money and will not be in the worst case, or will be exactly in the best life. Aquarius does not develop the worst features of Pisces --serving behavior and gigolo. Instead of Pisces bloom their best qualities - unselfishness, spirituality, creativity. Aquarius - not sponsor needy artist and his muse, helping him to do. Many fish are making peaks in art or in the way of spiritual perfection. Contact female Aquarius Pisces helps to gain popularity. In the house even begin to come money, but neither fish nor Aquarius do not pay attention to them and spend the most impractical things and deeds.

Aquarius in this marriage gets moral support person who understands it. He does not consider the behavior of Aquarius extravagant eccentricity, and sees in it a deeper meaning, which can not see more mundane people. In addition, in alliance with Pisces Aquarius is the one who (or rather, whose talent) it can serve as the supreme Idea. It makes her happy.

The biggest challenge is waiting for a couple in the early years. Neither Fish nor Aquarius not able to give each other practical support. With age, they become more careful and avoid situations in which weak. But in his youth they still have little knowledge of the limits of their powers and are often caught in a situation where they need help. Aquarius can only endorse the actions of Pisces, supporting him this moral and Pisces is able to soothe tender words and sympathize. But they are powerless to help each other, and at the same time expect the partner active assistance. Do not get it, resent. It will take time before they are aware of the weaknesses (and own a loved one) and reduce expectations.