Аquarius and Аquarius compatibility



Aquarius man to think progressively, but believes that in addition to the material world, there are other, equally important and affecting moments of our lives. Therefore, it is sensitive to the messages of destiny. In this message he thinks the birth of his chosen one by one with him zodiac signs. For him, this could be an indication that this woman, and he meant to be. So that the parties wish to seduce women - the very circumstances.
Aquarius male in personal relationships and selfish love when cared about him. It should be full of energy to convert the revolutionary world (or at least to help friends), and companion he will choose the one that will take care of well-being, domestic and psychological comfort of Aquarius, and will not burden him with their problems. Aquarius woman really does not like anyone to burden their difficulties, and in love with her in a state of waking sacrifice and the need to care for a partner.
And only a third of all male Aquarius will notice a striking similarity and unanimity of opinion with his woman. This will be the last argument, after which he did not want to lose it.

Zodiac sign characteristics


The ideal pair of two different Aquarius curiosity, active lifestyle and unusual family life. Anything in their union will not, as is customary. Guests willing to visit the house of the couple: Aquarians are very hospitable, even in moments of quarrels among themselves or life's complexities. Surrounding unlikely to be aware of their problems: Aquarians are open and sociable, but are not allowed inside his personal life. Therefore, most friends will converge on the fact that it is - sweet and pleasant, if somewhat eccentric couple. A special surprise is how casually Aquarians treat their resources. "We have the money / education / communication!" - Envy and incomprehension many gossip.
Aquarians are really indifferent to material things and in this find each other understanding. They are interesting not tie yourself to the material. Therefore, among Aquarians are so many people involved with abstractions: programmers, philosophers, esoteric. Perfect Match Aquarius does not live "how come" and not according to the scheme of middle-class prosperity, and adhering to certain ideas. According to this idea, they check their ordinary everyday things.