Aquarius and Capricorn compatibility



The easiest way to deal with mature and held Capricorn. He knows only a career and responsibilities, is firmly committed to the purposes and does not like competition. He will be pleased to see a number of selfless woman who will neither rival in or manipulator in the family. For this he closed his eyes at her eccentricity, especially if Aquarius pretty. Weapons for the conquest of the Capricorn - kindness, reliability, absence of greed and commercialism, the external data.

If Capricorn young and started the first steps towards your life goals, he likes the extraordinary kindness of Aquarius, always ready to comfort and cheer. Discovery will be and it is not bound template view of the world, Capricorn will make for himself from her many useful observations. He is unlikely to be romantic and will be taken as the Aquarian older sister or girlfriend combat. This is not fair. Capricorn is constant in his affections and the imminent parting the pair is not threatened, but with age, he learns to be a gallant man.

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An example of such a pair is familiar to readers of romance novels. Remember the classic story of how a simple, uneducated freak with a good heart melt the ice in the soul impregnable and cruel man? This is a vivid description of a pair of Aquarius and Capricorn. Dry, rational Capricorn near Aquarius becomes a knight, protects and takes care of her. She gets the opportunity not to think about their daily bread, and to live spiritual interests, as used to. Instead, it gives Capricorn consolation, encouragement, approval of any of his actions. If Capricorn - the leader in the pair in the outside world, the psychological comfort within a pair provides Aquarius.

Capricorn is unlikely pereymёt Aquarian world view. But he, rationalist with deep-seated anxieties and fears, will be comforting to know that the world is more than what can be seen with the eyes. And Aquarius is difficult to resist the pressure of the world, demands from her "get serious" and she gladly remain impractical, losing the right to defend its Capricorn.

Before Aquarius and Capricorn will realize that they need each other, they have to go through many tests. Their reason is obvious: Capricorn judicious, purposeful and adheres to strict rules. Aquarius-free templates and would not in itself will drive imposed limits. It behaves as it sees fit, communicating with who he wants and does what pleases. Her opinion on all these occasions, often at odds with the generally accepted. Capricorn does not understand it. It is easy to feel, what is allowed and what is forbidden and does not go beyond these boundaries.