Aquarius and Sagittarius compatibility



Sagittarius man is always open to the new and is in constant search of curiosities. The unusual appearance extravagant women of Aquarius and its original character interested in it, and the more Sagittarius will learn it, the more it opens the merits and perfections. Aquarius woman patient in an almost childish antics Sagittarius, inquisitive, quick on your feet. He first met the woman who does not seek as soon as possible to tighten the perspective of Sagittarius to the registrar. She is quite happy with an open relationship based on mutual trust.

Many things Sagittarius and Aquarius look different, but the very fact that they generally look and noticed the same thing, and do not look in different directions, it will be very important for Sagittarius. At heart, most frivolous lover beautiful life Sagittarius - a teacher, a preacher, a missionary. He would like to meet a woman for whom spiritual values more important than material (although the wealth of Sagittarius refuses rare).






Zodiac sign characteristics


Unselfishness, support his interests, willingness to share his passion and patience - that weapon in the struggle for Aquarius Sagittarius.

Surrounding love these sociable, interesting and friendly people. They do not get bored, they do not create the familiar problems. Maybe sometimes they are too noisy and active. Most often, a couple of Aquarius and Sagittarius can be found on the exotic tourist route or on educational and charitable activities. In every moment of life, or they are looking for the truth, or carry it to others. Sometimes it seems that they have no personal space, in which only family members are allowed.

In fact it is not. Sagittarius loves to his house was rich and beautiful. Convinced partner, a female Aquarius will make all their design talents to the property was "with a twist" (although the deal with the economy would be unlikely). But here's admission into their house really opened a lot - all to whom the pair is good. They - not lovers of quiet family evenings watching television.