Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility



There are two ways that a man interested in Scorpio-Aquarius. First - if he falls in love. Second - when he from it something you need.

In the first embodiment in love with Scorpio does not lose his head and realizes that they are very different with Aquarius. But, as a subtle psychologist and a manipulator, he is willing to be responsible for the development of relations. Scorpio is constant in love and do not let his beloved, not grow cold to her, will not be indifferent to the way things are going in the pair. This - ideal for Aquarius. To Scorpio in love, in Aquarius should be a lot of femininity and sexuality. Aquarius woman on the nature of romantic and feminine, but strong sexual aura they do not possess. They need to deliberately create his image seductress.

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If interested in Scorpio Aquarius because he sees in these relations benefit for themselves, Aquarius hardly notice it. Scorpio immediately appreciate the sincerity and selflessness of Aquarius and try to hide it from their true motives. This is a dangerous option for Aquarius. Fortunately, it is able to outbreaks of foresight on the verge of clairvoyance, and in one of those moments will be able to see through Scorpio.

Associates notice a couple of Aquarius and Scorpio immediately. Together they look very strong. With all the ease and friendliness Aquarius woman is not weak. It is bright and the whole person. The same can be said of Scorpio. Paired with each other they find worthy partners, reliable support, understand and are willing to defend a partner. Interestingly, the Aquarius - one of the few who are not afraid astute sarcastic remarks Scorpio. After all, it is sincere, honest, noble, and it simply can not be convicted of something, for which she would have to blush. And if Scorpio disperse and become rattling barbs, unusual sense of humor Aquarius will help her not to be frightened and amused by his attacks.

Inside the couple built a great relationship. It is "built" because originally in Aquarius and Scorpio are many contradictions. But with love for each other, they will be able to make the relationship ideal. Pillars that hold their union - love and respect.