Aquarius and Libra compatibility



Aquarius attracts a male Libra ease nature, curiosity, sociability. He does not like nerds, I do not fixate on one issue for a long time, and he would like to find your soul mate. Out of Aquarius woman and acrimony that repels men air sign. Aquarius is not hysterical, not capricious, not sulking days because of trifles. And add to this the charm of it - and man-Libra, indifferent to beauty, will be slain on the spot.
This is one of those couples that do not need to do anything special to interest and like it. Their union Naturally, they were made for each other. But there are situations when looking for ways to conquest still necessary. For example, if Aquarius love a man whose heart is already taken. Or man survived a painful gap and are not interested in a relationship. What should I bet in the seduction of Libra?

Zodiac sign characteristics


Libra man needs freedom. She did not need him to change, on the contrary, it is a supporter of a strong relationship. He appreciates the inner freedom and does not like to encroach on it. As soon as he realizes that he met his reflection, the same freedom-loving, not tied to obligations that complicates life, a woman he can not give it up. Not to impose it, but always be glad to see. Keep his ideas of cultural activities, be interesting now to Libra. Do not forget about appearance - male Scales like no other sign "love the eyes."

Perfect Match Aquarius and Libra - a pair of absolutely harmonious people. Often they are unusual life, abandoning traditional values, from the accumulation of wealth. They do not need luxury mansions and expensive cars. Instead, they travel a lot, get acquainted with the culture and art of different countries, they are regulars exhibitions and literary presentations. The most famous pair of Aquarius and Libra - John Lennon and Yoko Ono.