Aquarius and Virgo compatibility



By man-Virgo can find a lot of approaches. Woman sign of Aquarius is easiest to work through his intellect. Virgo likes to discuss, analyze, draw conclusions. Aquarius - a storehouse of stories and situations that can not be solved by the pattern. Man will have something to smash his head.

Forte Union Virgo and Aquarius is their sexual compatibility. Virgin do not like aggressive-sexual women, romance and friendly Aquarius will have their liking. In addition, neither Virgo, Aquarius or not put sex to the first place in the system of values, so over the years in tandem set reasonable intimate life that suits them both.

And what can not be done in the course of the conquest of the Virgin? Virgo likes to take care of him at home. Aquarius woman can not do that. I would like to write that word in capital letters. NOT. Representation of women Aquarius about life more closely resemble the Virgin catastrophe. Does not happen at his home - he will be watching closely, are you willing to help around the house and how you are hosting. Invite him to visit itself, it still does not understand what's inside your life, or meet on neutral territory.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Snow leopards small, but nevertheless, no one doubts their existence. With pairs of Aquarius and Virgo is the same story - they are rarely seen, but at least from a statistical probability they are. Let's discuss how to make the perfect usual, not an exemplary couple of Aquarius and Virgo, and that you will have with this.

In an ideal pair of people can understand each other perfectly, or to be a mystery partner, burn with passion for life, or maintain a moderate private life, to accumulate wealth or to live in poverty. The main thing - in an ideal pair to each comfortable. Aquarius woman for comfort needed to nothing embarrassed her freedom, while maintaining its own and protected from impracticality. Excellent man-Virgo knows it! Just do not expect it to boot will be your faithful ally in an active way of life and the search for truth. He will always be a little aloof, occupied with his own affairs. Male Virgo instead would like to see it was not forced to take risks and to lead a disordered life. Do not remove its schedule, do not put in danger or misfortunes, and he will not have to claim you.

One difficulty that the pair will face the very beginning - the question of how to spend time. The first meeting of Aquarius interesting measured life of the Virgin. And Virgo as an experiment may fall along with Aquarius in one of her escapades. But as soon as the first passions subside, everyone will want to return to the usual leisure. Aquarius needs a kaleidoscope of impressions, chatting with friends, active work to help others. Virgo likes the comfort of your home and its tranquil evening.